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VSN Australia UPDATE:


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So, we have had the retirement of Frostbeard and I would like to thank him for everything he has done for the VSN. I had an interview with him earlier in the year and he liked it so much he brought me on as the VSN Podcaster. I could not have been happier I was loving trying to get the next top guest and getting them to talk all things VHL then about anything and everything else. So, thank you @FrostBeard for everything that you have done and best of luck with bringing back the ever popular sports network that you run! I was told by the legal team at the VSN that I shouldn’t be advertising rival networks.


Now moving on we have a new head at the VSN and that is Mr. Doomsday! I think Doom is a great guy and should be a perfect fit to fill the massive size 17 boots left behind from Frostbeard. He has already reached out to me, not that I have replied and I can see the VSN continuing its great run.


Now onto me! The VSN Podcast it is an interesting beast, I find that most podcasts I get people talking about are interviews I don’t know what I do to make them entertaining or why most people like them. Therefore I want to reach out to the lovely people of the VHL, talk to me what do you like about my podcasts? Is it the interviews? Or is it my single ones? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of?


Here are a few problems I have had with keeping the podcast series going. One, my line of questioning kind of ran dry I went through most of the VHL and VHLM GMs at the time and it became harder to fit in with others schedules. As I am in Australia when I want to be doing podcasts everyone is sleeping, maybe I might need to interview the people who wake up early again.


Another question I have for the audience who would you like to see interviewed? I have seen more and more podcasts popping up and I should really get on and give them a listen, maybe I should start interviewing other podcasters. Last question for everyone (probably not) what is your favourite VHL podcast and if you don’t have one please go give them a listen and let me know what you think.


So also why I have been slack with podcasts I have started a new job and I am trying to get my own sim league up and running, it will be a cricket one I have created an engine and my friend @GustavMattias has been helping me make some rules for an actual league. Also the brilliant amazing @Cxsquared has made the website so we have a player creator and everything. So hopefully I can get that up and running soon. But fitting it in around working 40 hours a week, studying 10 hours a week, planning a wedding and dealing with Covid I am struggling.


So, to summarise Thank you Frosty, Welcome @Doomsday and let me know about my podcasts. Thank you VHL for being wonderful as always!

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