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S73 in Review: Gregg Stallion


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Marc LeGros, The Belgian Bugle

It was a season to remember for Gregg Stallion as he embarked on his rookie campaign with the Vancouver Wolves. As with most rookies entering the big leagues there was a lot of ups and downs and opportunities for Stallion to learn from amazing players and grow in his confidence as he looks towards his sophomore season. But how was Stallion’s rookie season actually? Let’s spend some time diving into the statistics and discovering how effective the young rookie was in his first season.



Offensive Stats290417262_S73OffensiveStats.PNG.452878e2f4f14b22f0440505267c90f8.PNG

It is worth noting that Stallion ended up entering the VHL at the perfect time with the new expansion making the quality of opposition less as the top players were spread a bit wider making it so that teams had to rely on their weaker players a bit more. Despite that Stallion had a very respectable season offensively for his rookie season. It is not going to rewrite the history books but it shows a clear upside. 28 goals and 23 assists for 51 points was Stallion’s final tally for the season. Stallion averaged 0.71 points per game with 0.39 goals per game and 0.32 assists a game. This pace isn’t rewriting any record books but its shows a clear upside and potential for the young sniper who should easily pass the 30 goal mark next season. The Wolves scored 243 goals over the season and Stallion was a part of just 21% of those goals, statistically helping his team is something that Stallion is committing himself to get better at this next season



Secondary Offensive Stats596398156_S73ClutchStats.PNG.5b4a9d85798f767b1c221f689fa70dea.PNG

Stallion was given a great opportunity to prove himself on the 2nd powerplay unit this season and was able to display his clutch scoring upside to ensure his team always had the best chance to score on the man advantage. Just over a third of Stallion’s goals were scored on the powerplay showing a serious potential to be a powerplay beast as early as next season. Stallion also recorded 5 game winning goals for the Wolves as well as a shorthanded tally showing that his offensive prowess is not just limited to even strength or powerplay ice time. Special teams play is the easy highlight of Stallion’s rookie season and it will be interesting to see if he his given more opportunities on special teams next season.



Miscellaneous Stats

It is easy to just look at a players offensive stat960721691_S73DefensiveStats.PNG.88649d5ee5fec7ad16ddb1dc114cbdfb.PNGs and use that as a baseline of the players effectiveness for his team. But often times the other stats show what kind of player is truly on the ice for the entire game and not just when the puck goes in the middle. For being an offense first player it is impressive to see that Stallion was not afraid to use his body to help give his team the edge. 40 hits and 21 blocked shots is not about to send the world on notice but for a rookie playing against men much bigger than him it shows a selflessness that Stallion was willing to put his body at risk to give his team an edge. Stallion fired 247 shots (3.4 shots per game) on net this season giving him an impressive shooting percentage with 11.3% of his shots on net becoming goals. Unfortunately not everything about Stallion’s game this season could be classified as a good start. Most notably is the -1 that he ended the season with. While the Wolves were not near the top of the standings they had a +30 goal differential, yet Stallion was the only player to finish the season with a negative plus/minus. Defensive play has always been his weakness but that cannot be an excuse in the VHL. Look for Stallion to put a lot of focus into his defensive game the off season.




The playoffs is what the entire season leads towards, someone could have the greatest offensive season but if it doesn’t translate into the off season it is all for naught. Stallion’s playoff performance was a bit lacking to put it politely. It was clear watching the games that something was off with Stallion and as the series went on he became more and more frustrated and ultimately ended the series as the only Wolf to not record a point. This was not for lack of trying as Stallion recorded 4.2 shots per game but his scoring touch had evaporated. It is a rough note to end his rookie season but hopefully Stallion learns from this and it humbles him to be a better player next season for his team.


Expectations for Next Season1613312243_GreggStallion.thumb.jpg.d923d08720caa6217694fb183273ad27.jpg

So where does Stallion go from here? It is obvious that he has a lot of potential and a great scoring touch but in order to go from a good player to a great player there are several areas of his game that Stallion will have to grow in. Pretty soon when Wolves veterans Louth and Tocco retire Stallion will be looked at by the Wolves team to take the step to a top line player. Fortunately for Stallion it is likely that he will be playing with Andrew Su for his entire career. Stallion had instant chemistry will the skilled playmaker and when they were separated Stallion’s offensive game suffered greatly. Su is the kind of player that makes those around him better and a full 72 games with Su would undoubtedly allow Stallion to reach a new level in his VHL career. Stallion will be looked on to be a key part of a rapidly rebuilding Wolves team that has been loading up on early round prospects. If the Wolves are to have any success Stallion is going to have to prove himself and take the next step offensively and especially defensively.


The narrative of a players career is not decided by their rookie season alone, but a player potential can be clearly anticipated from seeing their rookie campaign. It appears that Stallion will be strong special teams goal scorer for the Wolves but the question remains to see if Stallion can take the next step in all aspects of his game in the VHL.


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Stallion is a stud in the making. Good formatting and content here. I like the usage of the table pictures. Good layout. Nothing I would really change here keep up the good work!



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