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Nils Tallinder Confirms Future VHL Career, Expresses Interest In Staying Close To Home

Patrik Tallinder

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For quite some time, center Nils Tallinder has been debating his future hockey career. His English is not the best, and he would find it difficult to leave home at 16 years old. He has had lucrative offers to stay in the Swedish Hockey League's system, but his childhood goal was always to play in the VHL. Earlier today, Nils made it official to the press that he would pursue a VHL career once he turned 16, though he also mentioned some conditions.


Nils lives with his parents in Stockholm, Sweden, and has decided that he wants to remain somewhat near them. He says that the teams he would consider as possible long term destinations for him would be Malmo, Helsinki, Riga and Warsaw. He would not refuse to play for any team, but would likely move on through free agency to get closer to home again eventually.


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