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VHL Entry Draft Scouting Report - s74.2


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DISCLAIMER: This scouting report is brought to you by MattyIce, and this has no affiliation to the VSN Scouting department.  These are simply rankings, not who will go where based on recreates or favoritism, nor will I make any predictions.


This is a monster list, so we will keep this moving quickly:


Rank 1-20

@Renomitsu @Jtv123 @BladeMaiden @fonziGG @Quik @Esso2264 @Emi @Enorama @Plate @flyersfan1453 @okochastar@Banackock @Smarch @AW13 @Jeffie43 @Z16 @InstantRockstar @Blazzer @Matmenzinger @Riley_Couture

Yeah, this a stacked top end.  Pretty certain the top 10 are slam dunk selections, along with some surprise earners like Emi Rune and Riley Couture.  Couture jumped a massive 9 spots into the top 20 while the top six pretty much held on to their spots.  One surprise rank demotion though, Lucifer Olivier Leveque not training as hard apparently, dropping four spots to 17th, despite being a top dman in his rookie VHLM season.  Overall, this bunch will not disappoint any talent scout.


Rank 21-40

@kesytamm @Siddhus @Philliefan @Mason @Rhynex Entertainment @Kyle @Wheaties @Gooningitup @LatinViking @Crstats23@Grape @Psanchez55 @chatfan036 @gregreg @Corgi34 @NickSunderbruch @Nepto @inflastud @DirtyDerek
The top half of this group have quite a bit of potential.  Kasey Tamm, playing for Las Vegas, leads this group with 48 goals and 93 points, which is nothing to brush off.  Some players like Gabriel Akerstrom, Tim Waters, Rhynex Entertainment and goalie Vsevold Askarov have shown some promise, putting up points for their clubs and slowly climbing the rankings.  Like any draft, there will be some hits and misses within this group.


Rank 41-60

@Kloxified @JorgTheGoat03 @GeckoeyGecko @dariusmarimotoman @kentakira @Haydon Learmonth @Goliathus @BigZouzou @Cwalker @MSO94 @Matt thunder @OscarTheSwagDude @Wreckening @Huulio @Minermonkey @Firekiss @CosmicStorm @Cambodia1617 @Briedaqueduc @BumLightYear31

Some of these players haven't played a full season, so their potentials remain unknown, or untapped.  However, some standouts like Kloxified, The Blob, Carson Walkers, Darius Marimoto and Tee Pee II come to mind as players that have produced for their clubs.  Relative newcomer Frank THE TANK Googenheim jumped up into this group with hopes to make a statement to get another look from the scouts.


Rank 61-80

@jacobcarson877 @Jaster Mereel @TommySalami @jack u @Xflexz @AnthonyOuellet @jimmyallen93 @Kelsier @Salminen @H0PPY75 @Josequaresma @snackhero @nickthe00 @chris @wdymbrother6 @Killerninjamoder @Brodie_Landry @Braden Neeson @jspilly27 @Kinoe Ander

There are many free agents in this group, however, four players have played the entire season.  All of these players' potentials are unknown to the scouts, and it's even up in the air if they will all get drafted.  If I were speaking to any of these players, I'd get to the bottom of who is responsible for their training to get a pulse for what they can bring to the table.


Well there you have it!


MattyIce, signing off on this scouting report.  Cheers VHL!

VHL entry draft - s74.2.png

Edited by MattyIce
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31 minutes ago, JigglyGumballs said:

What if....MattyIce just becomes a competitor to the VSN??? ?????

MattyIce is an independant contractor.  He represents James Rose, currently with the London United and has interest in amateur scouting for the VHL as well.  He employs scouts from throughout the world, you may have seen his U17 list somewhere in VHL.com media

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