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King Making Moves for the Future?


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            With the season 73 playoffs still underway it’s never too early to begin looking at the next VHLM season and with that some interesting news possible coming out of San Diego as Kevin King prepares to shift from the VHLM to VHL as a player but will be more involved in San Diego as AGM. With the distractions of being a current player in the league, while also juggling his duties as an AGM, King has made some moves to get more players in the San Diego camp for next season.


It is reported that King will have an extensive program lined up for potential prospects that could be coming to the VHL/VHLM next season. This camp includes several prospects who may have already been in contact with King about potentially joining the VHL/VHLM, including King’s lifelong friend Michael Fletcher, a goalie from Detroit, MI, who has lit up his semi-pro league this past season on route to a championship. In addition to Fletcher, sources claim another prospect, said to be a defender may also be on the books, but could be another season or two off from fully joining the league.


There is no word yet on when this camp may begin or official word that Fletcher or any other prospect will immediately join the VHL/VHLM but we will have all the details for you as soon as they become available. It is noted that King will be making several moves during this offseason and has lined up several spots for announcements and media appearances. We will have more details as they too become available.

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