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Jigg's Frustrated Over Playoff Series Loss


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The S73 VHLM Playoffs brought only disappointment for the Ottawa Lynx as they lose 2-1 in game 5 of the first round against the San Diego Marlins. The lynx had lost the first two games but bounced back in game 3 only to lose 2-1 twice in games 4 and 5. A quick, but decently close series that ultimately ended the Lynx's playoff hopes and dreams for the season.


This post season was not one to remember for Ottawa Lynx defenseman, Jiggly Gumballs, as he only amassed 1 goal and 1 assist in the 5 playoff games he's in. Though he had a +1 rating and about 28 minutes of average ice time. He had a whopping 16 penalty minutes in just 5 games. Gumballs vented off frustrations and disappointment in a post-game interview.


"It really pisses me off y'know? We came into the playoffs confident, looking to take them by storm and yet we had our asses beat. I mean you got to hand it to them (Marlins), they really did well. But it's just so...frustrating y'know? To have your season end in such a humiliating and embarrassing way and I feel so pissed off because of it. I honestly felt like I'm partially responsible for the way we played. I did a lot of things I now feel is wrong and I wished I could've produced more points wise. So I personally just wanna say sorry to the fans. I fucked up and our season didn't end the way we hoped it would."


Gumballs was also asked about the online rumors of him "getting lazy on the ice" because of the new Hollywood deal signed recently.


"Why the fuck would you think of that in the first place?!? Of course not! Yes I didn't find my game this series, it's part of the playoff pressure, but it doesn't mean I'm being fucking lazy. No lucrative contract of any sort is going to stray me away from playing my favorite sport. If I was playing "lazily" like those fat chumps on Twitter are saying, then I would've retired right this instant to pursue my Hollywood dreams and all that shit. That deal with Disney has nothing to do with how I play my game. I'm already pissed off enough that I wasn't playing right to begin with and I'm not gonna deal with middle-aged dads who lost their fucking playoff brackets or bets. Look, this season is something I can learn from, and hopefully I can take what I learn and transfer that to the VHL. Of course, you always gotta keep your head up. This is just the start after all."

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