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My S74 Build


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It seems as if I just figured out how to actually build a player, sucks that it was a bit late. With my final season coming up I have decided what I will do with my build. So here it is.

1. Buying 3 jagrs to keep my puck handling, scoring and defense up to 99. These will be my core pieces to my build. I now realize how important scoring is over passing. For 6 seasons I had scoring higher which negatively affected my build.

2. Let passing drop. I need to create a bigger difference between my two offensive stats. Doing it this season ended up in me getting my most goals and assists.

3. Decreasing my penalty minutes. This season is the first time ive ever hit under 100 PIM. I want to continue this by letting my checking drop and increasing discipline to at least 65. I want my limited penalty minutes to help out my play and my team play. If we're on the penalty kill less I can be out there more to score more and keep us a contender.

4. Increase leadership. Now a lot of people say leadership is a useless stat, but I don't think so. A team with good leadership hasn't been fully tested and I would like to try it. I hope to bring it to the 85-90 point to see how it affects my game.

This is a lower TPE build but it shouldn't affect production. Once I get my build as I want it I will continue to earn until I am forced to retire. All of the tpe earned after that will be put into leadership. Hopefully I can perform well enough to actually get an award instead of a top 3 like ive been getting for the majority of my career.

Next season should be full of milestones. 100 goals, 400 assists and 500 points are inevitable and should be easy to reach. It will only take me 95 points to hit 550. That would be 2 more then I've ever hit but it is more than possible with this proposed build. I could join the 1000/1000 club which is 1000 hits and shot blocks. Only 7 players have reached this is the past 25 seasons. I will also be hitting 1000 shots with the possibility to getting 1000 penalty minutes. I could be getting upwards of a career 75 +/- and 60 power play goals. I can finish my career off with over 60% of my goals to be from the powerplay.

Overall I am very excited to finally show what Hogan can do. Despite putting up a lot of good stats, many of my prior seasons were disappointments to what they could've been. Many uneeded penalties have negatively affected my career. If I knew what I was doing im sure that I could've hit 600 points and already have been at the 1000/1000 mark. I may have not shown it before but S74 will be my season to show what I can do.

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