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Where do I want to be in the Major League?


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When it comes to moving up to the major league, my dream would be to be on a team with both my wife @emi and my friend @latinviking, which would be more important to me than the specific team. However, since it would be unrealistic to expect to get on the same team with the both of them, I would also have fun as treating them as my rivals, as I currently have to with @latinviking already.
As I have said many times before, my priorities for a team is the locker room, and how well the players can get along. I think we have a really good locker room here in Saskatoon where everyone gets along well and I want that friendly feeling that I get from this league to continue into my big girl years. This kind of atmosphere feeds me the motivation that I need to do well and train my player each week.

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