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Death of the Forums Sucks


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I used to hit the view new content button on VHL and scroll through all the beautiful content, but these days there is not much to be seen from that button outside of people earning their tpe. No one comments on game threads as this is just done on each team's individual discord or whatever. No one trash talks on forum anymore, it's all on forum and if you weren't there live to see it then you most likely missed it. I am currently on Halifax and haven't even been invited to their forum locker room (if it even exists), and I am not taking the time to check the discord locker room super often. I turned off all discord alerts on my phone because I am tired of it beeping at me all day, and I am not taking an hour to manually select which forums I want alerts or no alerts to. Where does every team locker room have a pokeman and gambling discord section that spams my phone with nonsense? 

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22 minutes ago, chatfan036 said:



Eagles a confirmed boomer.


I find it easiest to just mute entire servers. Only ones I don't have muted are Davos and the Town of Salem ones--otherwise I'd go insane.

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