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Angellini - 1st Postseason Series Win


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After 2 hard working years in the VHLM, Pietro Angellini has been gaining experience and excelling as one of the Top Forwards in the Minor League. With his eyes set on the Big League next season, S73 may very well be his very last chance at the Founder's Cup. An elusive prize, Pietro saw his first postseason action in S72 as a member of the Mississauga Hounds. After an early round exit, Pietro had a chip on his shoulder. Traded to the San Diego Marlins shortly after, Pietro planned on using his new surroundings to his advantage, working as hard as possible, and helping his new teammates rise to the top of the VHLM.


S73 was a whirlwind for Pietro. We saw his natural abilities help him blossom into an elite two-way Center. He plays a tough, but balanced, game. Ending the regular season with 125 Points (46G / 79A), Pietro was fired up for the S73 postseason and the Marlins were slated to square off with the Ottawa Lynx, a team that had bettered them all season long.


The Marlins came out hot, winning the first 2 games of the series to take a nice lead. Pietro was quoted in the locker room after the second win "we are on the right track, boys, but we can't let up. We have to push through and win the next one. Stay focused, one game at a time!". The Captain Angellini's speech was well received and the Marlins came out again in Game 3 looking to take a commanding lead but the Lynx, led by Alec Volchenkov @SirRupertBarnes, were just as determined to keep the series under control and took the game 5-4 in Overtime. The Marlins were taken by surprise, leaving everything on the ice in that overtime match. Again, the Captain sounded off: "We gave it everything tonight, boys. Took them to OT but just couldn't find the twine. We have another shot coming up quick, so be ready. One Game at at Time."


With a gritty confidence, the Marlins looked at a 2-1 lead in the series and came to play as if they were facing elimination. Led by the stacked pads of Doug Dimmadome @Esso2264, the Marlins took Game 4 by a score of 2-1 and Dimmadome recording 25 saves on 26 shots. The Marlins were another step closer and, with Game 5 being played the next afternoon, Pietro addressed his team again: "We are tight out there. Playing a defensive game, Han @Dtayl and Lucy @InstantRockstar are playing out of their minds on the blue line for us. Dougie shut the door tonight. One more game, boys! One more!"


Game 5. Marlins with a series lead, 3-1, looking to eliminate one of their regular season rivals and advance to the 2nd round. This was uncharted territory for Pietro and a true team goal for the Marlins. The next step. Game 5 was almost a mirror image of Game 4. About 15 minutes into the first period, an early goal from Kuchar @S. Kuchar put the Lynx on the board. The teams went to the locker room with the Lynx having the advantage. The Marlins were playing a defensive game and slacking on the offensive end. Needing to put up shots, Pietro spoke once again: "Take your chances. We are all here to help each other defend but if you see that twine, SHOOT!". The Captain's words were foreshadowing, after 10 minutes in the second period, Schwarzy @Enorama lit the lamp with the equalizer. The only goal of the second period. The Lynx and Marlins were deadlocked in an elimination game.


Game 5, 3rd Period. Elimination or Advancement on the line. The tension on the ice was palpable. The series storyline had become the battle of the backboards, with Dimmadome and Krishna @Hooperorama both showing out and denying shots left and right. A slashing minor at 5:18 into the 3rd gave the Power Play to the Marlins who took quick advantage. Again Schwarzy was involved, taking the pass from Lucifer and feeding it to the young Joakim Lund @Bouncyelf who buried the go ahead Power Play Goal at 5:36 in. The Marlins were ahead and never took their foot off the gas, drawing 2 additional penalties (holding and tripping) showing they were a step ahead of the Lynx. The time ticked down and the buzzer sounded, the Marlins Win! Dimmadome held the fort with 21 saves on 22 shots and the boys were moving on!



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