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Moscow Moscow Moscow?


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RIP to the end of another season of Moscow Moscow Moscow. I think that this was probably the worst one for a while for me; despite hitting a career high SV% (which kicks ass) it just seemed like such a let down. What really bums me out isn't losing in playoffs (we were joking around the whole season that we were going to lose to Riga), it's the fact that I did it while completely capitulating with a .881 SV%. That is atrocious. While I wasn't exactly planning on taking the series, I was hoping to steal a win or two with some .950+ performances, but it wasn't really in the cards (I guess Game 2 counts with a .967). That coupled with my general lethargy surrounding everything has made the end to this season kinda suck :( I'm really looking forward to the next two seasons. We have a great core coming up with the young guys, and I hope I can kick off their VHL careers with a cup or two the way some prior legends helped me win mine. We move!



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