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Like I did earlier this month I will continue to pester you about the logos on the shoulder until I see one swapped. I would like to see more red to go with the jersey but most colours do match well like the stick and background with slight blue colouring. I believe I gave your last sign an 8 and this one gets a 7. I just think having the colours match more could go a long way.

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You have a mixed bag here. I like your design with the simple background and jersey swap but the colors are just too saturated. Your color palette is on the contrasting side as well. With a format this large, the render could have been larger and the text should have been placed on the lower left third. I would work on detail over color. I am being a little more critical of this because I know you can do better. Shoulder patch should have been removed is not replaced. Very little details that could have been a tad better. Keep pushing yourself.


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