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100+ Points by a Third Rounder


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From falling out of the second round Markus Schauer would finish in a three way tie for 7th in points in the VHLM, second in the league for assists at 85, and second in points for defense men. Schauer also tied for 10th in powerplay goals at 14. To say that he is an offensive dynamo in this upcoming draft is an understatement. 


Even more interesting than that, Schauer is a defenseman. This is a draft that is D-light for a heavy market on the back end. Will we see the opposite happen to Schauer in this draft, where he rises a couple spots to fix a need for a team? Or will he suffer the same fate as the last draft and fall an entire round?


We caught Schauer after the 6-1 win over Saskatoon to win the series and move on to the second round. A game where he posted a goal and two assists. 

Interviewer: "You've had an incredible performance this season. What do you think contributed most to it?"


Schauer: "Well, I would have to thank the team for that. My defensive partner was a stud the entire season and I'm glad I got to learn a thing or two from him. I also want to thank management and the other captains for the team in helping build such a competitive locker room. We stick to our game and goals happen. The ladies line was fantastic and we have a few other up and coming stars on this roster."


Schauer was a former 3rd round pick in the S72 dispersal draft. I believe we call that a steal.


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