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A look at Hextall's third season with the Legion


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Another season is over, and it was a disappointing end for the Legion, after squeezing into the playoffs last season, they missed it this season by 10 points. While a discussion of what happened and how the team feel out is warranted, that's not why we're here, we're here to look at Jaxx Hextall's play this season. Hextall has seen some new lows as the defense in front of him just utterly crumbled in front of him. He sits fifth in most shots faced and you might be thinking, that's not that bad but consider this, the 4 goalies ahead of Hextall are the goalies from the expansion teams. So out of all the pre-existing teams Toronto had the worse defense. Hextall faced 2,306 shots, 122 more than last season and 174 more from his first season with the team. So far it's an upward trend and Hextall will be wishing upon the stars for a drop in these numbers this upcoming season. 182 goals made it pass Hextall in his first 2 seasons with the team, this season 191 got passed him, despite that he still had a .917 save percentage, same as last season and had 5 shutouts, a career high for him in a single season. His goals against average isn't pretty at 3.01 but we would still argue Hextall played great, and isn't the reason for the teams failing. The team does have a defensemen prospect most likely joining for next season but they'll definitely want to pick someone up during the offseason, here's hoping it works out for the team.


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