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LoL Is Not A Joke


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Lucifer Olivier Leveque, the French phenom whom is in his first full year of the VHLM is among the top defenders in the league and is proving that there is nothing he isn't willing to do to get the job done for his club. San Diego has just made it out of the first round, and in this first round, the team went 4-1, and as mentioned Leveque was quite the brute force on the blueline during this first round of the playoffs. 


In 5 games, he has amassed 7 points, 6 of which are assists which puts him among the top of the league for that metric, while his loan goal doesn't really qualify him to be the next all-star shooter, but still means he's gotten the job done. In this time he also has a whopping 88 shots blocked which is just insane seeing as its only 5 games played, which puts his average around 17/game, let that sink in, 17 times PER GAME he is risking his body for the good of his team. 


Overall, he's very happy with his play, he's happy with how the league is progressing and his team, and he now looks forward to the draft, where he hopes to become the steal of the century. 



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