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Why Poremba is VHLM MVP


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John Poremba @CrlineDijohn14 carried the Reapers, his 921sv% is top of the entire league by a wide margin his 3.21GAA site 6th overall which given his shots totals which sits first overall as well is amazing.


The definition of MVP is most valuable player, and if you take Poremba off the Reapers, they probably are among the worst records in the VHLM instead of tje playoffs. He is the Taylor Hall of 2018, which everyone is still butt hurt about. His back is sore from carrying, the entire team. 


Lots of goalies, would have given up and just put in a lazy effort. However Poremba came to work every day, and stopped as many pucks as he possibly can. Not only was he the best goalie in the entire VHLM this season, but the league MVP.


Calling those jokers who screwed up the Defender of the year award. Dont screw this one up. 

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