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Tate Prepares for VHLM Draft

Aye my name jeff

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So season is already over, and that was pretty quick I won't lie. After this update I'll be at 80 TPE, I'll be doing my career PT's next week. This season really went by quickly, and now I'm getting ready for the VHLM draft, life has been pretty busy but this has still be fun as fuck, especially being at C. However, I wonder who will take me, and what round I will go in, I'm hoping to go to Saskatoon, or just a team I'm familiar with, but I'm happy wherever I'm at, especially if teamed with @gorlab's recreate. Overall, I'm pretty much going to be earning 12 Per Week easily, just forgot to do Trivia this week, but I'm excited for the draft! Hoping I go high in the draft boys.

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