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  1. I really did jinx the Wolves in the wildcard round. After predicting that we would win in 4 to D.C, we lost in 5. We started struggling again with penalties, which I did predict would cause us to lose the series, but after our hot streak right before the playoffs, I thought we would be fine. Next year maybe I'll predict that VAN will get swept in the first round, and instead, we'll win the cup.
  2. Scouting is the worst part of being a part of a GM or AGM. This probably isn't the case with most people, but with university starting up again I can't really afford the time to do a full in-depth prospect study. Also, I feel older members definitely have an advantage as they know more players in the draft and can have some insight on them.
  3. I definitely deserve most improved player (definitely not biased at all).
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