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Glass Offers a Warning


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There has been a bunch of speculation and of course more to come on where Lexi Glass will be drafted in the VHL after a solid season down in the VHLM with the Ottawa Lynx. The Estonian Princess has still a lot of room to grow and a lot to prove as she sets out on her course to be a top of the line hockey player in the VHL. While things did not always come easy for Lexi Glass, she showed that she had the true skill to be a professional hockey player. Where she ends up however is still anybody's guess!


However, news out of Lexi's camp says things could get even more unclear on draft night. Glass has stated that if drafted to come up to the pros that she would be on the first or second line and if not, she would stay down and the next season require top 2 line minutes. She has also stated that she has no particular destination and that she enjoys travel and a rather expensive lifestyle. There are many that speculate a potential low level of loyalty to a team that could see her test the FA Waters at least once in her career and it's hard to say whether a cup or a contract is her biggest goal right now! While this may scare off some GMs, nobody really knows what exactly Glass will do!

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