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S73 Saskatoon Wild: The End of an Era


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Having lost our 4th and final game against the Houston Bulls in the first round, the Saskatoon Wild’s season is officially over. The end of this season is particularly upsetting for a few reasons. The first being that we were just eliminated from the playoffs which is always tough. The other is that many of our current players are leaving after this season. Here I will be going over every player that is departing after the season’s end, and what they contributed to the team. 


Keith Krestanovich - @Boragina


The saddest departure from the team in my honest opinion is our captain Keith Krestanovich. He’s been the captain for the past 2 seasons now, which includes the S72 Cup Win. Despite not always being the most productive guy on the ice, he was always supportive and a great locker room presence. He will be leaving the squad to join London next season. Thanks for the last few seasons buddy.


Dan Baillie Jr - @wcats


The second player leaving the team is Dan Baillie Jr, one of our current assistant captains. DBJ was always a really positive guy in the locker room, and didn’t mind being a depth piece in S72 if it meant the team was winning. He led by example and was one of the ones that inspired me to be more kind to other users. Baillie has always been supportive and caring even during hard times. I wish him all the best in Prague next season.


Jesper Norberg - @jpsd


Jesper Norberg, our resident Canucks fan, was our first round pick in S73. He certainly lived up to our expectations. Norberg stepped into our team and made an immediate impact which is never easy on a new team. In fact, he quickly became our leading scorer. This pace didn’t stop, and he led the team in points by the season’s end. Unfortunately nothing lasts and he’ll be moving on to Vancouver next season. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you can do in the big leagues.


Bobby Wyman and Cassius Gardner - @Lefty_S @jhatty8


Bobby Wyman and Cassius Gardner have been players for the Saskatoon Wild for as long as I can remember, but neither were particularly active in the locker room. They both played for the team even before my player days, way back in S70. Wyman was a big piece in our S72 cup run as our big checking presence on the blue line. He would get hits for days, and this seemed to be all that he cared about. Gardner was more of a depth piece and was a solid third line type for most of his player’s career. He became a meme in the locker room for his lack of updating. Both of their careers stagnated however, and they have sadly retired. Good luck with your new players guys. 


Each Player's Stats for the Wild:


Keith Krestanovich - 216 GP | 72 G | 77 A | 177 P


Dan Baillie Jr - 144 GP | 43 G | 72 A | 115 P


Jesper Norberg - 72 GP | 51 G | 51 A | 102 P


Bobby Wyman - 232 GP | 51 G | 117 A | 168 P


Cassius Gardner - 216 GP | 59 G | 115 A | 174 P

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