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LVA's New AGM Ready to Get the Dice Rolling


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With the new hiring of an AGM, a new challenger enters Sin City.


Jaxon "Soulless" Void, known as the owner of Void Agency, the same agency that represents the player, Jiggly Gumballs, has recently been hired as the new Assistant General Manager for the Las Vegas Aces. The Vancouver product has been known as an upcoming scout known for seeking out potential talent and representing them to get them into the big leagues. Now he has taken his talents to a new scene. This time in management.


Void is a man of charisma, a person who is charming, yet calculative. A man who's known for his carefree attitude, yet he is often one step ahead of others. The reason as to why he's nicknamed "Soulless" is mostly unknown, though it has been rumored to be because of his lack of empathy. Nevertheless, he is someone who is perfect for the Vegas limelight. Despite his rather short resume, he has shown great potential and is ready to prove himself with his new job.


"It's a great honor for someone to see my potential and give me an opportunity to shine. Vegas is a great city and the nightlife is simply extravagant. So I once again want to thank @Spartan for hiring me. I think he made the right choice and I'm super happy to start working closely with him, but for now I guess I should celebrate with a nice glass of champagne."




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