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Looking to the future


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     This season has had its ups and downs for all of us, our players have put in so much work and we've put in so much time. Some teams have fallen from the playoffs, and some didn't make the playoffs at all. Through the hardship, the blood, the sweat, the tears, one thing links all these players on all these teams; the love for the sport. This won't be my normal article where I rank players, or rank teams. At this point we have a clear indication as who's good and who's not. No instead of the trivial look at stats or interviews with players, I look to the future of the VHL and the VHLM. The future is bright thanks to the draft class this year, from veteran minor league players moving up to the VHL, or players coming into the league for the first time.

     The VHL and VHLM has many incredible young players looking to leave their mark on the game, some looking to just play, some looking for greatness. Recently I was faced with disappointment when my team was knocked out by Minnesota. I looked forward to a future that was uncertain, and I face the possibility of no longer playing with them when going into the draft. However, no matter what happens I know that this team has a core that's going to stay and make some noise next season, it's a team that in the grand scheme of things will win a cup soon. I look to the future for players like Sandstorm, Ryhnex, Tamm, Crosby, etc. and I see a bright future full of success. I see players that will go on and achieve greatness. I see players that will do what it takes to win, to play and to succeed. I look at these players and think to myself "these kids really know what they're doing". Yes this article isn't a normal one, and I apologize for that, but it's one that I want to write.

     These players wouldn't be here if it weren't for their GM and AGM, Spartan and Twist. When I came into this league, these men made me feel at home. They welcomed me into their locker room with open arms and compassion. They worked with me to better my game, and they worked with me to make myself the best player I could be in the time they had. Spartan will continue as the GM for the Ace's, however Twist will be stepping down. And I'd like to use some of this to thank him for his service to the league and the players he's impacted. We all love him, and we all agree that our time was made better by him being there with us. And I'd like to welcome JigglyGumballs to the fine establishment that is the Las Vegas Ace's, you have big shoes to fill but I know you'll do amazing. I can't speak for other players on other teams, but I'm sure they agree with me that good GMs make all the difference. My experience with other coaches is limited, however I know they're all working to make this league more competitive than ever.

     As we move closer to the draft day by day, we look to the future players coming into the league. Some players may not come in until free agency, but I know they'll do amazing in this league. Draft day is getting closer and I wish the best of luck to every player entering the draft. I wish every team drafting the best luck to pick the right player for their team. I look forward to seeing this league develop thanks to the players, and thanks to their amazing coaching staff. You all make a difference, no matter how small it may seem, you all do your part for this league. And lastly I'd like to thank the Administration for this fine league. Without you all, this wouldn't be possible. Thank you all for creating a league that we can all play in and enjoy together. Without your hard work this league wouldn't be the league it is. The VHL and VHLM is the classiest league I know, and I couldn't imagine my days without looking forward to the next day and next batch of news. And if you didnt make the playoffs this year, I'm sure you'll get your name on the cup one day, keep working at it, and keep looking to the future.


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Would love to have you back in Vegas let’s see if it happens 


Review very well written and easy to follow, good information about including twist unfortunately having to step down while also knowing that Jiggs has big shoes to fill, I also feel that this could have maybe  worked A little better in a interview set up, but great job

rating 9/10

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