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Waiting for my tea to finish


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The creativity is lacking but that's okay. It's a Monday and it's my 8th day of work in a row. Fortunately, I'm not doing the fulls 10 day stretch and tomorrow is my last, but I do have a dentist appointment on Wednesday and we all know how much those suck. Earlier today, the Seattle Bears managed to fight their way out of an amazing finale game against the D.C. Dragons. The series was a pretty decent one. The games were all pretty solid and I was honestly expecting a game 7. The 2-0 series lead really did surprise me. DC had our number all season but I guess the PP and such helped carry us through. Team played really well and once again, Mr. Funk AKA the newest and better version of Kanou showed up. Lucky for us! DC gave us a good run for our money and like I said, could of went either way really. Lot of strong play from everyone on the team and they all played greta parts in the W and now we're on our way to playing against the gif man himself, Jubis and CGY.


I already gave a shout out to Aaltonen in the game thread and while maybe not a huge player in the league, he was still a damn solid one and one can't help but notice his importance to DC with how the team and their manager hype him up. To be fair, while not massively, I was always a little bit a fan of the player. He's got a cool name and was always a consistent, good player. I always respect those loyal guys that maybe aren't on the best team, but bleed the true colours of the organization they play on and wouldn't play anywhere else. Best of luck to him in the future.


TEA IS DONE. Until next week VHL

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