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Game 7 Disappointment


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Americans Out Again in 7


Calgary, AB -- For the second straight season, the New York Americans entered the playoffs as the third seed in North America, hoping to do some damage with an upset or two. And for the second straight season, while the Americans put up a good fight against the higher seeded Calgary Wranglers, they couldn't pull off the final Game 7 victory.


This time, it was a 6-2 defeat that downed the Americans, a scoreline that's even more curious given that New York actually outshot Calgary 31-27 during the game. But A Red Guy's worst game of the season came at the worst time, and for an Americans team that is seeing multiple retirements, it's the end of the line.


"I'm not sure it's really set in yet. This was our season to get it done, but ultimately, we just couldn't get there," said defenseman Lance Flowers. "I'm not angry, more just sad for everyone who put in hard work to try and get the Cup."


Flowers is one of multiple players who has been with the Americans since the S68 Draft. Now, with the Americans looking poised for a rebuild and Flowers himself entering free agency, he's taking some time to reflect on his time as an American.


"I've been proud to be a part of this team. I'll have more to say in coming days, but for now, just thank you to the franchise, the fans and everyone involved for believing in me."

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