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Continental Cup Finals GM 6: Seattle Bears vs. Helsinki Titans

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  • Devise changed the title to Continental Cup Finals GM 6: Seattle Bears vs. Helsinki Titans

Great series from Seattle who add another trophy to their storied history.

Titans, It was a remarkable season. Honestly 49 regular season wins, coming back from being down 3-2 against Malmo, taking the 4-0 sweep against Riga and going 6 games against Seattle. We had several of the top playoff performers (7 of the top 10), including Erik Summers who led all players with an outstanding 28 points in 17 games. Nothing to hang our heads over. On to the off-season where we welcome three rookies to keep the roster full of promise for the foreseeable future. Very sad to see Ben Hafkey move on to retirement. Such an underrated talent and a staple of the Titans top six for the last 5 seasons of his career.


@enigmatic @jRuutu @Jbeezy76 @McLovin @Spaz @Big Bob @Erik Summers @Tbeez99 @Spence King @Cusemode @Harpskii @Brrbisbrr @Tape-to-Tape

You are all champions in my book! Thank you for such a fun season of Helsinki hockey :hel:

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Great work Helsinki ?. I've been in your shoes a few times in my short VHL career. Coming out on the losing side of these, so I know the feeling.  Hold your heads high, you had a great season. 


Seattle !!!!!!  I mean what can I say.  Is that 4 cups out of last 6 seasons ?  Congrats on the cup win ! 

Maybe start sharing the cup @Banackock ? 

there is 15 other teams now ?


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I had a feeling, I didn’t have a feeling. I was confident in the team that we had but you never know with STHS and surely at times the greatness in front of you can blind you from the greatness across from you. Fortunately, for the 4th time in the last 6 seasons, that was not the case. Calgary gave us a run, but the moment this series was down to the wire, I got to work at looking for those special markers in games and patterns, and boom, bang, beam.. we done it! 

Helsinki, congrats on the season. It’s special to make it all the way to the big show and I know as well how heartbreaking it can be to be so close and then come up short.. take it from me - you can return and it doesn’t have to take long. ;) It was bad ass what you guys did to Riga and how far you made it. The feeling sucks ass but don’t be down. It was a hell of a performance from the start of the regular season to the end of the playoffs. 


Seattle team - You get tired of me calling you champions yet? It’s like identical twins that look too much the same and I keep fucking up your names. My butler the other day had to remind me “uh sir, that’s not 4x continental cup champion, that’s Scott Greene”.. I corrected him, though. I said “ Butler, that’s 4x Continental Cup Champion Scott Greene to you”... hehe.. The door keeps revolving and while we have been able to work together to keep the amazing core in tact, we’ve continuously brought in younger to have them taste the fine dining and wining that is winning Continental Cups for us. Rumour has it, every place that serves food in Seattle is now giving out free CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST’S for the rest of the week (aren’t they always free?). I’ve said it on 4 different times and many, many other occasions sporadically throughout our times together.. THANK YOU. Thank you for coming on-board and building the dynasty that we have. To them older guys, for showing the newer members on the Bears what it takes to become and remain the best of the very, very best.. your loyalty, your players skills/your hard work and the very most, your guidance, have helped this team become the legendary, historic team it’s became. It would not have without you. 

I am so proud of what the Seattle Bears organization has become. Throughout my 25 seasons as GM, plus the 10 or so+ years of sim league experience, I have never felt a brand that was so loyal as the team and teams we’ve had over the last many seasons. 68, 69, 71 and now 73, boys.. all this talk about “Bana maybe being one of the best” and Bana this and bana that is super sweet.. it’s what I strive for every day in this role.. but this one is 110% yours. 

It’s sad our time is coming to an end for some of you older Bears. You have been a sim league family to me and am grateful to each of you. There isn’t a soul I trust more in these leagues. To the new boys, I hope you like winning because we ain’t fucking done! Uhtred and Dil have their 2nd cups!! OMD has won with 2 different Bear players during this dynasty.. Timmy got one now..  ODIN is the MAN. Tonn is the best back up... ever. I look forward to moving on.. to new players that cross our paths and the future of da BEARZ. 


Enough of the blabbing. I was fishing and had a lot of raw emotions building up about this amazing group that I have. Excited for the future of this team and the role. See you all out there!





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Congrats again to my former team, da Bears! Amazing run and what a crazy series! Another trophy for the case. 


Also congrats to the Titans, especially former teammate @enigmatic. I knew you guys were going to be dangerous this year. Maybe next year is your turn. 

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