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VSN Presents: The Season 73 VHL Awards Show

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There has been a lot of speculation and buzz about this one, folks! The Brett Slobodzian Trophy is an award that you, VHL community,  decide.. With 125 votes, voters have been making their voices heard on who they believe the most outstanding player in the VHL is this season! Campaigns have been launched in other weeks and as a result, the ballot box is absolutely stuffed. Nominated this season were A Red Guy @.sniffuM, Lincoln Tate @Tate, Jeff Downey @JeffD, Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac, Hunter Heart Helmsley @Beaviss, and Benny Graves @STZ


Well folks, this is it! All votes have been counted, and after a VERY tight race, the winner of the Brett Slobodzian Trophy is…






Sigard Gunnar, receiving 41 votes!


The VHL points leader receives a well-deserved Brett Slobodzian Trophy as the VHL's most outstanding player. 60 goals, 119 points… and a win by just a single vote. Congratulations, Sigard!!




Sigard Gunnar: 41, Lincoln Tate: 40, A Red Guy: 20, Benny Graves: 10, Jeff Downey: 9, Hunter Hearst Helmsley: 5


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It's the time you've all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to crown the VHL MVP!! The Scotty Campbell Trophy is awarded to the player deemed to be the most valuable player in the VHL, and lately it seems to be a goaltender's award to win. Four of the past six seasons, the Scotty Campbell Trophy has been awarded to a goaltender, and A Red Guy @.sniffuM of the New York Americans looks to continue the trend. Benny Graves @STZ had a phenomenal year with the D.C. Dragons, and looks to cap it off with an MVP win. Scott Greene @DoktorFunk had another outstanding year as the catalyst of the Seattle Bears, and what better way to wrap up a Cup-winning season than with the Scotty Campbell Trophy?


This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The votes are in, and the winner of the Scotty Campbell Trophy as the most valuable player of the VHL is…








The run of goaltenders winning the Scotty Campbell Trophy continues, and A Red Guy ends his career with an MVP season! With an Aidan Shaw Trophy already tonight, A Red Guy is sent off to his retirement in style with the ultimate individual award in the league. There truly is not enough we can say, other than congratulations to A Red Guy for winning the Scotty Campbell Trophy and forever earning himself the status of an MVP!




A Red Guy: 5, Benny Graves: 3, Lincoln Tate: 1, Scott Greene: 0


Coming up next, the All-Rookie and All-VHL Teams!

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Chris Hylands - Lucas Brandt - Adam Syreck

James Rose - Tyler Walker

Grekkark Gyrfalcon 


The Malmo Nighthawks boast three All-VHL rookies with Chris Hylands @Hylands, Tyler Walker @Advantage, and Grekkark Gyrfalcon @Sharkstrong, three players you could see soon on the All-VHL Teams in the near future. Lucas Brandt @twists of Moscow centers the group of forwards, with Adam Syreck @Spade18 taking the right wing. The London United's James Rose @MattyIce joins Tyler Walker on the blueline, with Grekkark Gyrfalcon in net. Congratulations to the VHL's top rookies!

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Scott Greene - Brock Louth - RJ Jubis

Condor Adrienne - Berocka Sundqvist 

Raymond Bernard 


A strong second team, huh? Scott Greene @DoktorFunk and Berocka Sundqvist @Berocka make the list for the Seattle Bears, the only team to have more than one member on the team. Brock Louth @Beaviss of Vancouver and RJ Jubis @Jubis of Calgary make the team as forwards, while Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeath of Malmo joins Sundqvist on the blueline. In net, it's none other than Raymond Bernard @Mr_Hatter, stud goaltender for the Moscow Menace! And this is the second team, folks.

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Sigard Gunnar - Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Benny Graves

Lincoln Tate - Jeff Downey

A Red Guy


The All-VHL First Team is a sight to behold. Scoring champ Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac with Hunter Hearst Helmsley @Beaviss and Benny Graves @STZ makes for a dangerous trio that terrorized the league all season long. Lincoln Tate @Tate and Jeff Downey @JeffD are no-brainers to take first team honors, and Scotty Campbell Trophy winner A Red Guy @.sniffuM in net rounds this one out. These are the best of the best of Season 73!

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It's been a lot of fun, but unfortunately, our presentation is coming to a close. It's been a big night, especially for Lincoln Tate @Tate racking up three trophies, A Red Guy @.sniffuM winning the Aidan Shaw and Scotty Campbell Trophies, and Rayz Funk's @Rayzor_7 record-setting fourth Daisuke Kanou Trophy. However, the real winners are you, the VHL community! None of this happens without you, and this league wouldn't be possible without your hard work and passion. As we enter Season 74, let's do everything we can to make the VHL even better than it already is.


Good night, good hockey, and don't forget to collect your prediction points on the way out, everyone!!



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  • Doomsday changed the title to VSN Presents: The Season 73 VHL Awards Show

Congratulations to all the winners! Especially my goalie bro's ❤: @.sniffuMI'm so happy you were able to go out on top, and @Rayzor_7, holy shit dude we all knew it was coming but this is insane. Literally a league record, best playoff performer of all time? Congratulations!!!!!!


Thanks for the second-team nomination/appointment :) I was hoping for more at the start but I think it's about fair 😬

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Congrats to all!






Who ever gave me this one vote.  please identify yourself.             So I can spare you.

12 hours ago, Doomsday said:




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Chris Hylands: 4, Tyler Walker: 2, Grekkark Gyrfalcon: 2, Adam Syreck: 1, Lucas Brandt: 0



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