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S73 Hall of Fame Induction

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Hello VHL Friends and Family!


Today we are here to honour the Hall of Fame Inductions of three long-time members of the VHL community, none of whom are strangers to the induction podium. Of the three inductions, as usual, two will go in as players, while the third will enter the Builder Category.




D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, S65-S72 :dav::mos::que::cal:

RS: 576 GP, 119 G, 414 A, 533 P, +153, 1,021 PIM, 1,471 HIT, 1,032 SB, 11 GW

PO: 76 GP, 9 G, 55 A, 64 P, +14, 132 PIM, 146 HIT, 138 SB, 1 GW


S68 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S68 Alexander Valiq Trophy (Top Offensive Defenceman)

S69 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S69 Jake Wylde Trophy (Top Defensive Defenceman)

S70 Brett Slobodzian Trophy (Most Outstanding)

S70 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)

S70 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S70 Alexander Valiq Trophy (Top Offensive Defenceman)

3x All-VHL First Team (S68, S69, S70)

One Continental Cup (S70)


We will begin with the First Ballot entry in Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. As any spongebob fan would know, he was #1. In fact, while easily being the greatest defender of his generation, boasting three straight Sterling Labatte Trophy wins as the league's Top Defenceman, Smitty also carries the honour of being @flyersfan1453's first entry in the Player Category of the Hall of Fame. While not a requirement, it is rare for a member to rise the ranks and become a VHL Builder without having at least one Hall of Fame Player, and Flyersfan will shed that note in his history with this fantastic player who, when adjusting for era, will go down as one of the greatest defenders, not only of his generation, but of all time.


D/C - Sebastian Ironside, S61-S68 :tor::sea::cal:

RS (D): 144GP, 34G, 82A, 116P, -102, 238PIM, 438HIT, 404SB, 5GW

RS (C): 432GP, 229G, 341A, 570P, +163, 796PIM, 1,615HIT, 154SB, 38GW

RS (TOTAL): 576 GP, 263 G, 423 A, 686 P, +61, 1,034 PIM, 2,053 HIT, 558 SB, 43 GW

PO (C only): 45 GP, 20 G, 23 A, 43 P, +3, 90 PIM, 149 HIT, 20 SB, 1 GW 


S63 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

S63 Kevin Brooks Trophy (Most Goals)

S63 Dustin Funk Trophy (Most Improved)

2x All-VHL First Team (S63, S64)

2x All-VHL Second Team (S65, S66)

One Continental Cup (S64)


With his second player induction, @DollarAndADream watches Sebastian Ironside make his long awaited entrance into the Hall. After starting his career as a defenceman and transitioning to forward, Ironside, while playing in an era of legendary two-way forwards, became one of the league's premier two-way studs, earning a Scotty Campbell Trophy as league MVP in his first season after making the switch! After being one of the last original GM-Rule players created, Ironside would lead the Legion to a surprising Season 64 Continental Cup, alongside fellow Hall of Famer Norris Stopko, before moving on to Seattle and eventually Calgary to finish out his incredible career.



Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen - 10/11

Sebastian Ironside - 10/11

Wesley Kellinger - 1/11

Mike Szatkowski Jr. - 0/11

Jakab Holik - 0/11

Tyson Kohler - 0/11




As previously mentioned, while not a requirement to make it into the Builder Category of the Hall of Fame, this member is no stranger to creating Hall of Fame players, with three previous inductions and aspirations for another. @OrbitingDeath , aka Green, has been a long time member of the VHL, joining the league all the way back in Season 30, which would be approximately 7 real life years ago, and will be making his way into the Builder side.


Perhaps best known as the VHL's first Welfare Manager, Green has worn many hats in his time as a VHLer, from being a grader back when Point Tasks were not automatically awarded the full 6, to an Updater under both the original forum-based format and new, Portal-based one, he has also been a staff writer for both the VHL and VHLM magazines during their runs, as well as having sat on the league's Board of Governors for a time. Green was also a trailblazer for recruitment, bringing in many members during a time before the Recruitment Team was even a thought, much less the force they are today as they continue to work on growing the league.


With all those accolades to his name, it is no wonder that the Board of Governors unanimously selected OD/Green to enter the Hall of Fame Builder's Category this season!




Congratulations to all 3 members on incredibly well earned Season 73 inductions to the Hall of Fame!

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On 9/14/2020 at 7:25 AM, Quik said:

Ironside would lead the Legion to a surprising Season 64 Continental Cup, alongside fellow Hall of Famer Norris Stopko.


As the the goals leader and 3rd Hall of Famer from that team, the shade is real :( 



Congrats to everyone who made it!

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