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S74 VHFL Group 19 - complete

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@Zetterberghas been skipped. You can take your pick at any point.  @Biggreen10is on the clock!


was at work, i'll take Greg Eagles

Group 19 63 GP
Team BigGreen 1214.14
Team Spence 1209.96
Team Z 1133.71
Team Esso 1110.3
Team bigAL 1106.14
Team DMax



Standings after 63 Games Played.


Big Green continues his dominance over all the experienced players, once again proving that VHFL is a crapshoot.


The only other change is that bigAL passed DMax, who has inexplicably dropped off this go-around. DMax is 40-60 points of SB behind the next two teams, and that's really been hurting his chances lately.


As always, stats are here.


@Biggreen10 @Spence King @Esso2264 @Zetterberg @DMaximus @bigAL @fishy

PS: did the latest forum update nuke the spoiler function??

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11 hours ago, Ricer13 said:

You are amazing for keeping track of these. How did you do it?

I linked to a google Sheet I update with stats whenever I’m bored. You can copy and paste it into your own group if you want! I just go through Player by Player and manually punch in their stats until the google machine punches out scores!

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