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Leo Strauss Prospect Scouting Report

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Prospect Scouting Report

Name: Leo Strauss

Age: 22

Country: Germany

Position: Center

Handedness: Left

Height: 6’3

Weight: 195lbs


The son of a VHL Hall of Fame center, Leo Strauss isn’t his father yet but this hopeful German is try to find success in the VHL like he did. Strauss was signed last season by the Houston Bulls of the VHLM ahead of his VHL draft. Strauss join and championship or bust group which left the scoring forward playing a position he had never played before in left wing and on the 3rd line no less. This was quite the adjustment for Leo and he never quite found his role or fit in, in the locker room. This has been a problem for Strauss the last few seasons before joining the VHLM. Despite all that Leo was able to put up 8 goal and 31 assists in 68 games helping Houston make the playoffs, sadly the team wasn’t able to go to the promise land but Leo was able to chip in 2 goals and 2 assists in 10 playoff games. 



Skating - The lanky Leo has always put skating first when training and it has paid off so far, he is a very strong skater for his height, which makes he a very solid two-way player and is able to stretch the ice to create offence for his team with his speed.


Shooting - He hasn’t found his scoring touch in the VHLM yet but Leo has been known to find the back of the net in most league he has played in, mostly because of his every good wrist shot and back hand. If you give Leo any space he isn’t afraid to throw it on net.


Puck Handling - Maybe the most important skill Leo has added to his skill set the last few year is his puck handing. It is something he struggled with in junior but follow a couple wrist injuries he has really mad the effort to become a very good puck handler. He want the puck on his stick and doesn’t want to give it up.



Personality - Leo isn’t the easiest of going people. He takes a lot of things personally which makes him a bit of a hot head and it can cause problems in the room. He is so driven to be like his father he sometimes just forgets to have fun and be himself. It can take Leo a while to feel comfortable.


Injuries - They aren’t his fault the Leo has struggled to stay health the last 2 years and it has really slowed his game down. He has been health so far but and set back could really hurt his ability to get better, this is a big year for him and another injury could be the end of his hockey career. 

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