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Day 2 comes to an end, and the town decides they've got their target in @JeffD. In a burst of "damn now I have to write up a post in 5 minutes," Gustav kills him off quickly. He was indeed a CRUSADER.

Well, it's getting spicy in here as it looks like Gorlab wants to play with OMG's fiddle.   Initially the town starts voting Caboose to the stand, but then an announcement is made. Gustav is

Also it needs to be said....   @gorlab being Ambushed as the Vigilante is downright criminal and cannot stand.    A vote for Ferk is a vote for Justice. 

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5 hours ago, omgitshim said:

I apologize to bigAl, when I saw ferk's results I jumped to him being Vet since I knew there was no Mafioso and Pirate was already claimed. It didn't occur to me that he could be Ambusher until later when he refused to try to claim all day.

Phew, I thought I screwed up hard claiming vet as publicly as I did. 


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15 minutes ago, Caboose30 said:

N2 was an absolute disaster


I was slightly disappointed to see that the outcome was just about decided after a really good/lucky N2 for town. Still interesting to watch though.


I hope everyone had fun, though, and I'll see what I can do about another game at some point--maybe not in the immediate future, but don't let me forget.

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I was certain it was you but we had numbers that we could slow play the vote and go either way.


I did get paranoid though with how fast Al and Corgi voted for Ricer after not voting for you though. Especially Corgi since they were posting at the time.

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I thought Ricer was part of that OMG/Devise cabal from from the first 2 days that I didn’t trust, and boy was I wrong on all of them.  I was just afk when we were voting up caboose haha whoops

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