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S73 Prague Phantoms' Team Awards

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Announcing the S73 Prague Phantoms’ Team Awards as voted by the players.


Best Defenseman

Cinnamon Block

Although she placed second among Prague “D” in many categories (goals, plus/minus, penalty minutes, shots, shot blocks) in what was a down year in production, she did lead the Prague backend in power play goals (7) and game winning goals (4). Her overall play and dedication to special teams gave her the edge as her teammates voted her the Phantoms’ best defenseman for a third year in a row.


Others Receiving Votes: Seabass Perrin, Wolf Stansson Jr



Unsung Hero

Dagmar Havlova

Havlova displayed poise, skill, and heart every shift as she led the team with six game-winning goals and tied for the lead with +20. She also was 8th among league centers with 40 blocked shots. She exploded in her fourth season anchoring Prague’s lethal second line and was third in scoring with a career-high 61 points and was tied for the team lead with 29 goals and 293 shots.


Others Receiving Votes: Ben McGirr, Alex Pearson, Cody Smith, Gary Tarantino



Most Energetic

Thomas Landry II

Whether on the ice or in the locker room, Landry II exudes a contagious energy that rubs off on his teammates. He led the Phantoms in hits for the second time in his career. His 356 hits were fourth in the league. He wins the award for the second time.


Others Receiving Votes: Ondrej Ohradka, Kefka Palazzo, Seabass Perrin



Most Gentlemanly

Seabass Perrin

The adage, “It’s better to give than to receive” fit Perrin’s season in S73. He posted a career low in penalty minutes and hits but led the Phantoms with a career-high 57 assists which also placed him second in team scoring with a career-high 63 points. Although a beast on the ice, the Phamily appreciates his gentlemanly demeanor in the locker room.


Others Receiving Votes: Woody McPine, Thomas Landry II, Ondrej Ohradka, Wolf Stansson Jr, Gary Tarantino


Rookie of the Year

Woody McPine

The winner of the Phantoms’ Rookie of the Year by way of being the only rookie to make the team, McPine nonetheless had himself a successful season. He took over the starting role part-way through the season and never relinquished it as he went 16-17-5 with a 3.22 GAA and 0.904 SV%.



Most Valuable Player

Gary Tarantino

Another breakout season for the Phantoms had Gary Tarantino on fire all season as he led the team with career-highs in goals (33), points (66), power play goals (8). He posted the second-highest single season goal total in franchise history and was a force all season long. He also led the team with four fights and was second in game-winning goals with 5.


Others Receiving Votes: Cinnamon Block, Thomas Landry II, Seabass Perrin



Phantom of the Year

Ondrej Ohradka

He didn’t enjoy as much growth as he expected, Ohradka still posted career-highs in many categories including goals (29), assists (26), points (55), hits (129), and shots (274). But it was his humble leadership and dedication to team building that helped him win this award for the second straight year.


Others Receiving Votes: Alex Pearson, Seabass Perrin, Cinnamon Block


3-Stars Award

Gary Tarantino


As is befit of the team’s leading scorer, Gary Tarantino also led the team with 3-Star points during the regular season and thus wins the team’s 3-Stars Award.


Player 1st 2nd 3rd Star Points Total Stars
Gary Tarantino 8 4 3 350 15
Ben McGirr 5 7 2 310 14
Thomas Landry II 5 3 3 240 11
Ondrej Ohradka 5 2 3 220 10
Virgil Ligriv 3 2 3 160 8
Dagmar Havlova 3 1 3 140 7
Cinnamon Block 2 1 4 120 7
Woody McPine 2 2 2 120 6
Seabass Perrin 1 2 3 100 6
Wolf Stansson Jr 1 2 2 90 5
Alex Pearson 1 2 2 90 5
Kefka Palazzo 2 1 0 80 3
Cody Smith 0 2 4 80 6




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