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You know it's funny when you think about the stereotype of a hockey player answering questions in a neutral and almost boring way, same answers more or less time after time. I have to think those who keep spreading that stereotype or keep mocking players who do not offer that much in interviews have never been in front of the camera, it's hard even if you practice. Also, believe it or not, but the question that is asked has a lot to do with what kind of answer you might get, sometimes there is nowhere to go and you get the obvious answer. For example, last night I was in 60 minutes with Rock McKenzie, the first question he asked was why I started playing hockey. Because I liked it, is that not the reason why most people start doing most things? What kind of answer do they expect?


Anyways, I have never been a huge fan of media, having to answer questions is not something I enjoy but I think I'm also better at it now compared to three years ago. I would like to give funny or interesting answers, but in the end I would much rather show what is up on the ice. I think most players feel that way.

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