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Nicholas Sunderbruch Sensational Second Season


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     It's no surprise to anyone here that I have a soft spot for underdog stories, I love a team or player that's been counted out and can bounce back. Last season I named the Ace's as the "Giant Slayers" when they handed Miami their first regulation loss early on, and when they started really showing they can beat top contending teams. I also remember fondly talking about Nicholas Sunderbruch the day he was picked up by Vegas. I told the league to watch out for him, and he flew under the radar for a good portion of last season, to the point where a few people during this years draft didn't know who he was. Nicholas was drafted 35th overall in the VHL draft, and 7th overall in the VHLM dispersal draft. His 7th overall pick was a surprise to many, but according to GM Spartan during the draft "We had to bring the boy home


     Nicholas may have went under the radar leading up to the draft, but he most certainly isn't under the radar anymore. As on of Toronto's top prospects, and an alternate captain of the Ace's, he absolutely has been talked about. Nicholas is currently in the top ten for goals scored so far this season and is over a point per game with 25 points in 22 games played. Nicholas has 16 goals this season, just two shy of his last season total, he's stopped producing as many assists but that may be because he has his center feeding him goals off of the faceoff. Kid has a hell of a slapshot and good accuracy to back it up. When asked about his teams performance this year this is what Nicholas has to say :  "This team is really shocking the world right now, maybe not as much as sassky but we're out here putting in work. I love my center Gucci, he's been a beast on the ice, feeding me pucks when he needs to. And he's has great energy in the locker room."


      The talent on the first line alone in Vegas, might just be some of the best I've seen so far in the league, the entire top line is in the top ten leaderboard for points. The second line is absolutely blossoming with Nicholas, Gucci, and Wachiure really producing this year. I've already done an article on the talent this team has so I won't go into too much detail. I know doing an article on just one player tends to be annoying, but it's my article so bite me. I see a lot of untapped potential for Nicholas, he capped at 24 the week of the draft, and 22 just this last week only time will tell how fast he develops this season. And I can't wait to see him in the VHL next year. Nicholas has really been a horse out there playing good hockey and even earning himself the A as a first gen player, I love his underdog story and I expect it to become a dominate career by this rookie. Thank you all for tuning in to this weeks of Nick's Picks (I get to name it that now that Laine is in the majors now) have a wonderful day and play good hockey.




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