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What is up with Sasky?


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So, we’ve all been surprised at how the Saskatoon Wild have been playing recently. They trail the Halifax 21st, the best team in the league, by only one point. To say the least, most people think that the Wild are over-performing. But is that so? Or were they actually a juggernaut from the beginning?


Cue funny cartoon intro


Welcome. I’m Ledge, and today we will be looking at one of the hottest teams in the VHLM: the Saskatoon Wild

I remember quite clearly one summer day when I was preparing my player for the upcoming VHLM season. I was surfing through the teams’ rosters, and I thought, “Wow, Halifax, Las Vegas, and Yukon are all really deep. I guess it’ll be a three team race for the championship”. Looking back, I don’t know how I failed to recognized the amount of talent on the Wild. Brian Strong Jr., Florent Vericel, Alex Zouzouambe, Gabriel Johnson, and goalie Cal Conway were all above 150 TPE, and most of them have grown tremendously since then. The ‘wild’ success of the team has proven that you don’t always need a ton of guys; you just need a couple guys who bring it every night and who score like crazy. I have just described Sasky in a nutshell.


We have all been entranced by Sasky’s success. But we have yet to realize that there is a better team out there, a team that sits a point above Sasky and hasn’t beaten them multiple times. I give you: the Halifax 21st


I had thought from the start of the season that Halifax was a frontrunner. With players like Michael Hall, Gabriel Akerstrom, Iangenere Risteneen, Wolf Weiss, Kasey Tamm, Kevin Malone, Riley Couture, Leo Strauss, Shawty Nananana, .......wait, I’m still going? I named nine players above 200 TPE! It’s really no surprise this team took the VHLM by storm. I love to see a great underdog story in the Wild, but I don’t see a team as stacked as this one not winning a championship. Nine players above 200 TPE! A bunch of these players could step right into the VHL and be difference makers! I’m up for giving @Diland @ShawnGlade tons of credit for assembling what looks like one of the most dominant teams the VHLM has ever seen. My player is on the Aces, and whenever I see that we’re playing Halifax, I tremble in fear. This team is downright scary for opponents!


Since we're not talking about playoff contenders, and there's been a lot of talk on here about the Aces, I'll give some info on the Yukon Rush. 

The Rush are a very good team. But they're stuck in a conference with Vegas and Sasky, two heavyweights. The Rush are not as good as the prior teams per se, but have an agility to pull off upsets against them. The mostly ride the performances of two of the best defencemen in the league, Fat palloon and Lucifer Olivier Leveque. Leveque in particular has been racking up TPE like crazy. Their forwards include Jeff Odinson, Vlad Imir, and Alek Andreshnikov, who are all above 200 TPE. So this is a decent team who will for sure make the playoffs. And I think, with a smart trade deadline acquisition, we could see them beating out one of the big dogs. 


So what we have here is a classic guessing game of ‘who’s better’? Both teams have shown championship ability, that’s for sure. But who will take home the Founder’s Cup?


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On 9/28/2020 at 1:27 PM, Ledge_and_Dairy said:

A bunch of these players could step right into the VHL and be difference makers! I’m up for giving @Diland @ShawnGlade tons of credit for assembling what looks like one of the most dominant teams the VHLM has ever seen.

Appreciate the credit, but the majority of it was dil. I just gave minor input on trades and some draft picks. Dil is the one running the show

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