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Ryan Ryker junior review


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      Seventeen year old Ryan Ryker has always been obsessed with hockey. He was born in Banff Alberta, and has always found a way to play. He played peewee for years and was a star, being followed by amature scouts his whole young career, he even played a few games for his highschool hockey team before signing in the BCHL. 


When Ryker was 15 he signed as one of the youngest players ever to play in the BCHL. His main weaknesses were his backcheck, skating and his hitting. In spite of this, His BCHL Coach Allen Summers, signed Ryker up for figure-skating,much to Ryan’s displeasure. Although after 2 months with a professional figure skating coach, Ryker watched himself go from a weak skater to the best skater on the team. And it showed in the results, His first season was a complete success. Scoring 32 goals and 27 assists in 41 Games to lead the team in scoring. He also has 78 hits and 33 blocked shots. He was a terrific , dynamic two way scoring forward that a lot of scouts have been watching for a long time.  In the summer, his uncle, a former rink attendant for the Vancouver Canucks, Introduced him to former Canucks Inforcer Derek Dorsett, Ryker trained with Dorsett in the offseason and Dorsett helped Ryker work on his defensive play and checking, and it had shown to help him immensely.



The following season when he was 16 he opted to play in the WHL with the Kamloops blaze era. He had a bit of a hard time adapting to the atmosphere of the bigger ice and arena but he slowly improved with the team as the season went along, he has 25 goals and 30 assists in 63 games, followed by a terrific playoff preformance of 13 goals and 4 assists in 15 games, only for the blazers to lose in the final to Portland. He was named the rookie of the year in the WHL, but he then stated how much he disliked the league due to the frat-boy mentality across the young players in the league. So he contacted his agent and decided to cut ties with the WHL and explore other options. He mulled going back to the BCHL but he felt he was too mature, he mulled the QMJHL but decided he didn’t wanna move to quebec or the maritimes because he couldn’t speak French. 


After weeks of exploring options and being a free agent, Ryker decided  he would be declaring for the VHLM, and ended up Signing his rookie contract with the Houston bulls a few days later. With a majority of his family from the Texas area, it was an easy choice to pick Houston, even though there were other teams he was leaning twords. The team is currently last in the league but Ryker has been making important strides on that team, he’s currently the offensive leader and the straw that stirs the drink in teams of goals. Ryker said his future is up in the air but his number one goal is make it to the VHL. 

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