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The Art of War?


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So as some do know, I run a series of articles called The Art of War or TAoW for short. It was a fun little series where I do a various amount of pranks towards different people in different sort of situations and scenarios. A big example is during the WJC where I covered two prank articles there. With me playing in the VHL now, you'd expect a TAoW article by now. Yet nothing came. So what's the deal? Do I not have the time? Is the series over? Did Jiggs get tired of pranking people? Well this is a sort of answer to these questions.


So I want to make things clear, I am NOT done with this series. These articles are fun and I'm never getting tired of these. I find it rather unique as I've never seen anyone do articles about pranking others in the VHL as of late, and I don't want that uniqueness to die out. Another thing I want to clarify is that yes, I do have the time to make these articles. Like come on, I've dropped two bombshell articles these past couple of weeks. Of course I would have the time to do TAoW! So why hasn't there been any as of late?


The big reason as to why I haven't made one in such a long time is because the well has simply run dry. I've officially run out of prank ideas. This to me was an inevitability. I knew I was gonna run out of ideas eventually so here I am today. Taking advantage of a quick 2TPE to write about how I can't write about making pranks. So yeah. Writer's block am I right?? Anyhow, I wanna ask for help. I need new fuel to prank people with. So I'm asking to whoever reads this to please give me some ideas for the future. As well as any improvements to what I can do as well. I can't wait to see any sort of ideas people come up with that will probably end up in the next edition of TAoW because I'm becoming brain dead.


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