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I'm Sorry

Elijah (Fong's Son)

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Hello VHL, I recently have been going on and off the VHL discord for the past few weeks, and I know that it was selfish and wrong for me to put this community at risk for my own pleasure. Although I want to communicate through discord seeing that it is easier to interact with people, I don't think the rules would condone this seeing I am still 12 years old. This does not mean I will be leaving the forums, it will just mean that for the next 9 or so months, I will not be on the VHL community discord. I will continue to check the forums and hang around in the Wolves and Mexico City discord. If you are worried that I have multiple alts on the server, I have disabled all of those accounts and left the VHL. I know that I love the VHL and my actions have caused the VHL staff and commissioners to consider a ban on the Forums as well, which I did not want to happen. I sincerely apologize for what I have been doing recently, and I have put a stop to it.

(Bring on the shit talk)


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It’s okay @Elijah (Fong's Son)


Idk why it would turn into a forum ban either. Just behave yourself until you can abide by the rules and continue enjoying the VHL in the meantime on the forums and such. 

start a chatzy or whatever the hell theyre called. There’s also another thing one of my GM leagues used but the name escapes me now. Can always do MSN messenger too. 

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That's.... mature of you. Good one Elijah, you can't undo the past but you can work to make the future better. Keep that up and we can have a big ol Discord party in 9 months!

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