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Community Outreach in Helsinki: Part One


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                        While walking around Helsinki and some of the outlying towns, Harvey noticed something odd... There were no dek hockey rinks anywhere! Being from the North East in the United States this was a bit of a culture shock! So, Harvey decided it was time to show the Finnish people what it is all about! To start, Harvey went to Management, Public Relations, and anyone else who could help remedy the situation. Most of the Management was on board with the idea and helped to get the ball rolling.

                       *Skipping the realistic amount of paperwork and people needed to continue from here.* First the Harvey and the Titans were able to work with city officials to allocate a few small bits of land in Käpylä, Mustikkamaa, and Oulunkylä athletic fields to prepare for the new rinks. With the framework out of the way, Harvey went on to contact some of the local and global hockey equipment to help those less fortunate get into the game and even paid for 40 sets of goalie equipment and Helmets to relieve the extreme costs associated with goalie. "We are really excited to help younger generations who may not be able to play Ice Hockey or unable to play in travel leagues by making local rinks for them to still get involved with the game," said Harvey after talking with a few members of the media to promote the initiative. Harvey also recruited a few members of the team being Laine, Osens, and Driver.

                     With a few weeks passing, the rinks were built and ready for the games to start! After the ribbon-cutting, everyone rushed on the dek and started up a few pick up games.  "We decided it was right to name these rinks after famous Finnish players and the Titans to so the pride not only for the professional team but for the national teams also." said the Public Relations team, adding that "We think the Titans and the Helsinki government can confidently say this experiment was a success and hope to work together more often to build a tighter bond with the community."


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