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That old man game


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Raleigh Ritchie is in the best form of his VHL career so far. His production for his new team in Toronto is one of the minor stories of the season. Last seasons for the DC Dragons he hit 15 goals and 14 assists in the whole season, his highest mark in his career. This season though, through 28 games he has already found the back of the net 12 times while setting his teammates up 13 times. This is in short small amount due to the extra responsibility given to him by the coach, as seen by his 137 shots this season already compared to last seasons 177 in the entire season.


This momentum clearly gave Raleigh a boost as in the Legion recent game against Davos Raleigh scored once and nabbed two assists en-oute to a 3-4 win at home. It resulted in Ritchie's 3 star game as he was selected for the game award alongside teammates Kilinger and star rookie Merrick.  Ritchie impact has clearly been felt on the second line as he has the team's second highest +/- at 12, though initially some Legion fans were disappointed by Toronto's free agent acquisition, those doubters have largely been silenced by the vets production on the ice and also the work rate that he's been putting into training since the pick up.


All eyes will be on the Legion over the next few weeks to see if they can continues their recent run of form that's seeing them chase their way back to a .500 record.

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