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(S75) LW - TapouT Jumba, TPE: 66


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Welcome to the league @TapouTjumba!


I am the GM of the Miami Marauders and we have some winger slots open with a chance to move up the lineup very quickly if you are active! We are turning the corner and are ready to make a push to be a playoff team. With your help I think we can solidify that!


We have a great locker room with alumni and players who are knowledgeable in all things VHL and we will be able to help you transition into this league seamlessly!


If Miami is the place you would like to start your career then quote this offer and “accept” and we will get you into the line up right away!


Good luck!



Miami Marauders GM 

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Welcome to the VHL @TapouTjumba! Thank you for creating a player and joining this awesome league. As a newly created player, you can choose any minor league team to play for. Take your time and pick the team that's best for you. 


I'm the GM of the Philadelphia Reapers. We have a good team this season, looking to continue our steak of 5 consecutive playoff appearances. We have a fun locker room consisting of both experienced and new players. This means you'll have a helpful, strong support system motivated to help TapouT Jumba succeed. You would start on our 2nd line getting a ton on minutes right from the get go.


We'd love to have you on the team, if you wish to join quote this post and say "Fear the Reaper"

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Dear Tapou:


Welcome to the league!


The San Diego Marlins are a proud organization with a winning attitude and prestige. We would be honored if you added your name to the growing list of greats to wear a Marlins' uniform. Wingers are the ammunition of an offense in the VHL/M and put up the numbers to grab the headlines. As a LW, you're a vital piece of scoring for any team, especially on a powerplay.


I firmly believe in the VHLM's mission to build strong, active members, and believe you can be a valued member of any organization which is why I'm offering you a deal to the Marlins. This is the first step in your career and your development as a player. I hope to be able to give you the knowledge and tools for continued success in the VHLM as you approach your milestones on your way to the VHL.


If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to me on here in a direct message or on Discord at Moose#8971. I'm always around if you have questions regardless of where you sign.


If you're ready to be a Marlins just quote this with the tag line:

"I'm Ready to Swim!"

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Welcome to the VHL, @TapouTjumba


I'm a_Ferk, the Assistant General Manager of the Saskatoon Wild. This is a team with a deep history in the league and has enjoyed recent success as well, with two Founder's Cups in the past five seasons. We're in the midst of another strong season, currently in second place in the VHLM standings. Most importantly, Saskatoon enjoys a well-earned reputation as a great place to start your VHL career. 


We are currently able to offer you a spot on the third line. This of course could change, depending on your earning potential. 


If you feel that Saskatoon is the right place for you, simply quote this post and say, "#SaskyBois."

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