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Rising Stars - Kunibuni Un'Guri


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Rising Stars - Kunibuni Un'Guri


In this edition of Rising Stars we will be looking at Houston Bulls young goalie by the name of Kunibuni Un’Guri.


Early Life


This young man started his life out in Fiji where he was born to his Fijian Mother and Maldivian Father. Pushed into sport at a young age Un’Guri found that he was best at soccer. He loved the sport but unfortunately being the tall lanky kid was placed in goals. At first, he hated not being able to score, his Mother sat down with him after one game and was saying how he had way more impact as a Goalie than he ever would as a forward. She said to him “As a Goalie you win matches for your team, if you play well the other team can never win.” He took this advice to heart and made it his goal not to let anything passed him. He continued playing goalie and getting better and better and became the star goalie of Nadi F.C.



Un'Guri's original Soccer Club


Learning Ice Hockey


One day with his soccer he got to travel to America due to the Fiji American National Association soccer tournament. Nadi F.C was paired with Seattle. While Un’Guri was there he decided to do some sightseeing. His favourite activity was watching the ice hockey. He went and saw the Seattle Bears win over the Calgary Wranglers. Un’Guri couldn’t believe his eyes he was amazed at the pace and the skill that was shown on the ice. Afterwards he went up to meet the team and got talking to the goalie of the Bears. This is where he hit it off and the Bears goalie offered to help him learn.



Un'Guri's FANA Club


A True Natural


This started Un’Guri’s true love for the game, he quickly moved to America and started training as much as he could. It didn’t take him long before he earned a full scholarship into The University of Washington. He took off and became a great goalie, becoming the youngest goalie to get 2 shut outs and the first goalie to record 4 shut outs in a season. He carried the team to multiple apple cups. Unfortunately, the University of Washington is not a known area for up and coming talent in the VHL. This meant that Un’Guri got missed at the draft however there was a scout for the Houston Bulls sitting in the stands at their championship game and saw Un’Guri pull out another shut out to seal the win for University of Washington. This scout was surprised why what he saw and thought that Un’Guri could go far. So, the Bulls overed him a Free Agency Contract and he signed it that night.



Un'Guri's Jersey


Now this is as far as his story has gone so far. Only time will tell if Un’Guri really has the ability to make it all the way to the VHL and stardom.

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