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Roy Johnson on Personal Hot Start


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The season is well underway with the D.C Dragons having already hit the ice 29 times. Of those 29 games, they've emerged victorious 14 times which currently has them seeded in the middle of a tightly close playoff race. One of the more interesting stories to come out of the Dragons locker room is the sudden breakout season by defenseman Ricky Johnson. Within the 29 games played, he's managed to record 32 points with 25 of them being assists. The pace of points per game Johnson currently has set for himself is quite unheard of as he's normally been more of a subpar defenseman with a seasonal average of about 42 points. During at interview, Johnson had this to say about his break out season:

"I feel like I've finally found my stride. I've constantly been trying to play keep up with the great defenders we've had on this team and I've learnt quite a bit from each of them. All that learning and training is finally paying off and this is just the results of that. I've wanted to be known as one of the top defenders in the league for awhile now and I'm planning to make that happen this season..."


As of right now, Johnson currently has the 10th most points for a defenseman and is only a few assists shy from being on the assists leaderboard as well. It'll be interesting to see if Johnson can continue on his breakout season and complete his goal of being one of the top defenseman this season. 

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