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Stormsson Strugles in Rookie Season With Wranglers


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Stormsson Struggling to Find Game in Calgary


Jonas Stormsson made the decision to opt out of the VHLM this season, despite not quite being ready to make the leap in terms of his skills. Instead he specifically requested to Wranglers GM Ryan Jubis to let him play in the big club this year and let him build his game as the season progressed. Jubis agreed to the rookie's request and so far it hasn't exactly worked out for them. Stormsson has only managed 1 goal and 5 points in 30 games so far this season, and the Wranglers need their raw rookie to bring a lot more to the table than he already has if they want to make a run at the playoffs this season. 


Stormsson was known as a shooter in the VHLM and scouts agreed that when he develops he's going to be mainly a trigger man, shoot first type of player. But since getting to the Wranglers Stormsson has realized that with his developmental curve still having a long way to go that he needs to start working on the defensive side of his game if he is going to end up being valuable for the Wranglers going forward for the rest of the season. 


Calgary has had an up and down season so far, being only 1 win above .500 and playing down to teams below them and playing up to teams above them. It seems the Wranglers cannot quite find their identity this season and when we are approaching the halfway mark of the season, that's something that needs to be figured out sooner rather than later. With the veteran players on the Wranglers managing to carry the load for a team that's fairly young, the rookies Luke Thornton and Jonas Stormsson need to find a way to help contribute and lessen the burden for the Wrangler's bigger players.


We managed to catch up with the rookie Stormsson on what he thinks needs to happen to improve his perforamnce after their disappointing 3-2 loss against the Prague Phantoms, a team that the Wranglers feel like that they should be winning over in most of their meetings.



Well, you know it's tough still adjusting early in the season. Especially making the jump considering how I know I made the request to make a big jump from the VHLM into the VHL even though some may have considered me not equipped yet skillwise. While that may have been true, I think I'm starting to see my game come around and I've been working hard in practice every opportunity available. I know right now I'm not gonna be the guy for the team this year that is going to be burying 30-40 goals, so I think Ryan Jubis needs to see me play defense and be able to be depended on in our own zone. I think that's what I'm really focusing on right now to help us make the playoffs and hopefully make some noise once we make it in. They trusted me to make some big leaps this year and brought me up from the VHLM so I feel like I owe it to them to end up being a solid all around player who can be trusted.

Calgary is hoping to finally make the turn on their season here coming up on the halfway point of the season, if they don't manage to stop playing down to their opponents it's hard to imagine them being in the playoffs as the season progresses.

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Way to go into great detail about what’s working and what’s not. Nice, easy to read paragraphs and I love how you quoted yourself. I learned a fair amount about the VHL and how it works reading this, being a rookie is hard but the points will come. Overall great job, not much can improve this



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