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Picking up the Pace


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                           Despite recent tough losses to the Mississauga Hounds and Ottawa Lynx, The Las Vegas Aces have pushed up to second place in the Western Conference, shoving Yukon down to third. This doesn't make a ton of sense; the Aces have only won against really weak teams recently and have oddly fallen to teams such as the two mentioned above and the Miami Marauders. Let's not take away too much credit, though. Vegas has seven wins in their last ten games, grinding out Ws against teams like Yukon, Ottawa, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Diego. This is creating sort of a conundrum, as the Aces seem to be losing to some important games and winning like crazy at the same time. Maybe it's just like that to me, anyway.


                       Let's use some time now to shine the spotlight on some key players. I'm going to name some less known guys instead of the usual top scorers.


-Drew Minott @DreMin15 Goalies don't get a ton of attention in this league, so I want to give our guy some love. Minott has put up astounding numbers, with a .88 save percentage and a 2.13 GAA. He keeps us in games, and I want to give him a shout out. We wouldn't be winning without you


-Angel Wachiure @inflastud With not nearly as much ice time as the big times(Rush, Reynolds, etc.) Wachiure has had to adapt to their 2C role, and they've flourished. 9 goals and almost a point per game while also helping out on the defensive side of the puck. One of our valuable gems, for sure


-Matt Thunder @Matt thunder Probably the most underrated player on our team with the possible exception of the player below. He has an incredible 26 points while being a beast defensively. 


-Roseann Petal @Psanchez55 THE most underrated player on the Aces. Petal is a revelation on the ice, with an astounding 28 points and 45 hits while also being defensively sound. 


I think it's about time that these players got the recognition they deserved. Hell, Thunder and Petal are some of the leading scorers on our team and they don't get mentioned a lot. I'd also like to let @Spartan and @JigglyGumballs know that we all think you're doing a great job and we have our full trust in you. In correlation with this article, I'd like to congratulate you on acquiring these magnificent players. 


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