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So a couple of days ago, @Ricer13 posted on the suggestion thread suggesting that we should push for social media as a form of recruitment with Twitter as the main platform.

So far there's now a team that actually manages the VHLM aspect of the Twitter. Yes there's now a team for posting content regarding the VHLM on the VHL Twitter account. We do plan to post daily content featuring some of you guy's awesome work in the VHL in order to showcase the type of stuff we do here. From graphics, to articles, even some VSN if permitted. So why am I writing this? Well I just want to tell you to simply follow the VHL Twitter and like and retweet. I personally feel like this is has a good potential of bringing in new people and showcasing your great stuff here, and we really want to see this work in order to help the VHL grow as a sim league. By simply just liking or retweeting, we could at least spread the word out that we're a thing and we can hopefully gain new member's in the process. We are seeing if we can make a schedule to possibly see what we can post daily and to not burn ourselves out in the process as well. So yeah, if y'all want, please spread this around the LRs and the VHL to sorta just get the word out. Thank you.


Also if you got any good ideas or any sort of suggestions, let us know down below and we can maybe integrate it into what we're tryna do! And again, thank you.


VHL Twitter Link:



(Also @Members lol)



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3 minutes ago, JigglyGumballs said:

(Also @Members lol)

I am actually disgusted of what you did. How dare you to ping such a gorgeous person like me? If I pinged you you would spam the shit outta me cause you would not like it. Well I do not like to get pinged either. Now that is what will happen if you ping me 1 more time: I will find your adress. How will I find out where you live? I have a few friends whose job is to track people down. Basically I will pay them just so that I can get your adress. Now believe me I will contact my private pilot and he will get me to your house. After that I will take out my weapon and shoot you in your face while you open the door. After this happens I will take your computer and break it with a hammer so that not a single imbocile like you could ping me or someone else. Next time think before you do something you dumbass.

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