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(S75) C - Nathan T, TPE: 66

Nathan T

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Hello and welcome to the VHL! @Nathan T


My name is Zack, I usually go by IR or Rockstar, and I am the GM of the San Diego Marlins. While we are in the midst of a rebuild, and you are going to receive a lot of offers, I’d love for you to consider us your new home, and I’ll start with the biggest reason.




We here at San Diego do not just consider ourselves a team, we consider ourselves a family. We provide a safe space for a lot of people to just have fun, explore the league and most importantly, enjoy themselves.


As a rebuilder, I can guarantee that you receive maximum minutes on all of our lines, this gives you a chance to reach your max potential and get a lot of points doing it! On top of that, I am the most tenured GM in the league with 10 seasons experience under my belt and more than 13 years IRL experience in sim leagues. This means I can teach you the ropes and really get hands on with creating a player you will be happy with.


If this all sounds like a family you want to be a part of, then please quote this offer and accept it. We cannot wait to potentially see you in a Marlins jersey.


Thank you for taking the time to consider us, and best of luck no matter your decision.

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Welcome @Nathan T
I'm Zetterberg the AGM of The Miami Marauders. And we want you to join our roster of players.

We have a plan in place to make the playoffs but we need players to do it.

You would be getting loads of minutes and you'll be put in the best place possible to rack up a ton of points.

So if you're interested in joining us in Miami quote this post with "accept" and we'll get your player suited up and ready to go in our next game.
Something to keep in mind, San Deigo has recently had an influx of players due to Thash signing with them,

because of this if you sign with them you won't be getting nearly as much minutes or points as you would with Miami. 



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Hey there Nathan T, welcome to the VHL!

My name is Bacon and I am the AGM of the Mississauga Hounds. 

Our team is currently on a dominating streak this season and are title contenders! we would like for you to be apart of our success we do need young forwards. Our locker room is having plenty of fun making jokes with each and still look forward to each game. We are also very helpful, we will dedicate the time to help you around the VHL, teaching you on what to do and how to do it .

We will also help you become a better player each day and possibly the best.


 If you were to accept our offer, we would be placing you on the 3rd line with the chance of going onto the 2nd line. All you have to do is quote this post typing accept, and a contract is on your way.



The hounds are certainly the best place to start when entering the VHL.

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Welcome to the VHL @Nathan T! Thank you for creating a player and joining this awesome league. As a newly created player, you can choose to play for any minor league team who offers you a spot. Take your time, consider your offers, and pick the team that's best for you. 


The VHL is a forum-based hockey simulation league where you complete weekly tasks to earn attribute points. Apply your attribute points to improve your player and make a hockey legend! To become a legend, it requires consistent dedication and hard work on your part. If that’s something you can provide, we have a spot for you on the Philadelphia Reapers. If you’re a slacker who accepts mediocrity, find another team to play for.


I'm the GM of the Philadelphia Reapers. We have a good team this season, looking to continue our steak of 5 consecutive playoff appearances. We have a fun Discord locker room consisting of both experienced and new players. This means you'll have a helpful, strong support system motivated to help Nathan T succeed.


If you have any questions about anything, ask me in Discord (DMaximus#1871), message me here ( @DMaximus), or reach out to my AGM @Spence King / Selsby28#2242 (Discord).



We'd love to have you on the team, if you wish to join the Philadelphia Reapers quote this post and say "Fear the Reaper"

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Welcome to the VHL!


I'm a_Ferk, the Assistant General Manager of the Saskatoon Wild. This is a team with a deep history in the league and has enjoyed recent success as well, with two Founder's Cups in the past five seasons. We're in the midst of another strong season, currently in second place in the VHLM standings. Most importantly, Saskatoon enjoys a well-earned reputation as a great place to start your VHL career. 


We are currently able to offer you a spot on the third line. This of course could change, depending on your earning potential. 


If you feel that Saskatoon is the right place for you, simply quote this post and say, "#SaskyBois."

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Welcome to the league.


I am the GM of the Houston Bulls. So I'll be 100% honest with you. The team is not great and that is mostly on me. Our team did not have many picks in the draft and in doing so I have had to create a team with just waiver pickups. What that means for you is that our lines on the ice are pretty thin. We normally in the VHLM teams run upwards of 3 lines. We currently have 1 line that technically is full yet. What that means for you is that you will get lots of playing time and if you earn more than others in the depth chart you have every right to play at higher lines. If you want to join us and learn I would love to have you. I 100% understand if don't want to join a team that is struggling but I will do my best to help you understand the league and how to do good. If you are interested in joining us simply quote this message and say you want to join the Houston Bulls.


-rjfryman GM of the Houston Bulls

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Hey there! Welcome to the league! I'm Hatter, AGM for the Minnesota Storm. Last season we won the Founder's Cup, but have lost a few players to graduation! So, we are looking to sign some waiver players to fill out our roster, and would love to have you join us :) We can offer you time on the second line at the moment with some more possibilities the more active you are! 




Feel free to listen to offers, and I hope your time here at the VHL is fantastic! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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