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New Month, New Ramble


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Looks like we're back at it for another months where I just make up things and talk for 200 words to claim my Affliation Check. So uhhh I got drafted in the 3rd Round in the VHL Draft, then 3rd round again in the VHLM Draft. Based on my looks the team I'm on (Halifax 21st) is kinda a god team and the best team in the league and last time I saw we were on a crazy winning streak which is cool. Only thing is I'm like the 3rd or 4th string defender on a stacked team so I don't actually play much but winning is winning and I don't actually care about the VHL, so it's not an issue to me. Well as compared to last season I played on one of the worst teams in the league and was the #1 Defender so even though we did suck I was putting up decent stats which was cool this season uhhhh, not so much lol but it's ight. Looks like I'm coming to the final stretch it was cool talking for yet another month and I shall see you all in Novemeber where I try and do the same thing for another 200 words lol.

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