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"I've been shit"


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Helsinki Titans defenseman, Seabass Perrin was acquired last offseason as the team's only big name free agent signing. He had a great first few games and looked to be a real game changer early on in the season. However it seems like Perrin wasn't able to keep up with that pace and has actually regressed to the point he's at now, pointless in 4 games and visibly frustrated on the ice.  Perrin has been terrible defensively as he's looking more like a construction pylon out there on the ice being outskated by the opposition and losing key puck battles. Perrin has been letting his young goaltenders down as he's posted a plus/minus rating of -9 during the team's last ten games. That's nothing new for Perrin as he has been a minus player his whole career, however he's been able to produce enough offensively in the past to disregard the stat. In his last ten he has only posted three assists, which leaves Titans fans wondering if they just paid big bucks to acquire a aging vet who's just finished. 


For obvious reasons the Titan's bench boss has shuffled Perrin down from the first pairing playing alongside Erik Summers to the 2nd pairing with youngster Spencer Elsby. When asked about he how he felt about being bumped down Perrin had the following to say:


" Hey I get why they made the change, I've been shit and Summers has had past success playing with Bolonee in the past so it only makes sense. I gotta do what's best for the team even if that means stepping aside to a lesser role. Obviously i'm frustrated with my play as of late, but complaining about it won't do me any good. This isn't my first slump, I just got to keep working hard out there and try my best to keep out of my head and hopefully good things will come."

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Hang in there man things will start rolling around. We’re still trying to find some chemistry again. We lost Hafkey this season and he was a huge part of our scoring and wins. But some player will emerge this season. I believe. 

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