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Spotlight: VHLM Top Scorers


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In this article, I'm going to look at some of the top scorers in the VHLM and how they affect their team. I've found that most of the top scorers come form these teams: the Halifax 21st, the Las Vegas Aces, and the Yukon Rush. Uncoincidentally, those three teams are the best three teams in the VHLM as of October 2nd. 

I'm going to look at ten of the top scorers in the VHLM, providing info on how they got to where they are and what they excel at. 


1. Brian Strong Jr. 

In only two seasons in the league, Strong has established himself as one of the marquee names of the VHLM. With more than a goal per game and more than two points per game, Strong and his Yukon Rush have often outscored their opponents. Strong has elite scoring, defense, and puck handling to go along with impressive skating. Right now, there aren't many players in the league that opposing teams fear more than Brian Strong Jr.


2. Florent Vericel

Strong's linemate on the offensively stacked Rush is just as if not more well-rounded than his superstar teammate. While Strong has plugged tons of TPE into uber-important areas such as scoring and defense, Vericel has spread his TPE out more evenly, having above average skating, strength, scoring, puck handling, defense, and passing. Vericel has proven his worth as a scoring winger in three seasons, and now he, Strong, and the Rush will go for the Founders' Cup


3. Taro Tsujimoto

The well-named center for the Mississauga Hounds has ripped up the VHLM in his second season in the league. With 26 goals and more than two points per game, Tsujimoto has practically carried the Hounds to a middle of the pack spot in the Eastern Conference. While Tsujimoto dazzles at the offensive end of the ice, his defensive game had really come along, making him a true 200-foot player. His puck handling and skating also make him a threat anywhere, anytime on the ice.


4. Gary Rush

The incredibly skilled Rush has found his groove in his third season in the league with the Las Vegas Aces, with 28 goals and 61 points. At 6'3 and 200 pounds, it's scary for defencemen to have Rush barreling down the wing, because there's not much that will stop him from achieving his goal of scoring. Rush has adept scoring, defense, puck handling, and skating, and has phenomenal chemistry with his linemates. 


5. Michael Hall

When a team is watching video of Michael Hall before a game, they notice that he's very efficient at scoring. His goal totals may have taken a little slide this season, but he has made up for it with an improvement in playmaking. Hall also has one of the best defensive games in the league, as well as very good skating and puck handling. Hall and the Halifax 21st have steamrolled the competition, routinely forming blow-outs against weaker teams.


6. Chris Foley

At only five foot five, the center for the Mexico City Kings may not seem like a player who has a huge impact on the game. But Foley is thick as a fire hydrant at 200 pounds, and boy, he can pass the puck. Foley has more than an assist per game while racking up nineteen goals. And while the Kings struggle in the standings, Foley continues to improve his overall game. He is one of the most complete players in the VHLM, with over 60 TPE in scoring, skating, faceoffs, strength, passing, defense, and puck handling.


7. Chris Reynolds

Gary Rush's linemate on the Aces, Reynolds has helped the Aces to second place in the Western Conference with his elite scoring and defense. Reynolds also has very good skating, passing, and puck handling. At 6'6 and 210 pounds, Reynolds is a force to be reckoned with in front of the net and on the wall. He also has a mind-blowing +44 plus/minus to go with his 23 goals and 54 points.


8. RJ Thatcher

Foley's compadre on the Mexico City Kings, Thatcher has funneled all of his TPE into scoring, defense, and skating, making him a two-way machine on the ice. He has found more than point per game point totals in his second season with the Kings, with 24 goals and 49 points. 


9. Alex Zouzouambe

A right wing for the Yukon Rush, Zouzouambe has surprisingly low TPE levels for a player with 18 goals and 46 points. He has a huge impact at the offensive end of the ice, with loads of TPE put into scoring, passing, puck handling, and skating. And at 6'3 and 220 pounds, the Slovenian winger is rarely knocked off the puck.


10. Rhynex Entertainment

Yet another member of the Las Vegas Aces' top line is Entertainment, who is only sixteen years old and has managed 15 goals and 44 points. At 268 TPE, and with high TPE in scoring, puck handling, defense, skating, and faceoffs, Entertainment will be ready to step into the VHL as soon as next year.


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37 minutes ago, fyrefly said:

I'm new on this site. How many weeks can I claim for this for?

Only one week I think. The minimum for a media spot is 500 words and if you had 1000, you can claim it for two weeks straight.

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49 minutes ago, fyrefly said:

I'm new on this site. How many weeks can I claim for this for?

Wow! For someone new on the site, you sure know how to write an article. Claim it for 1, two needs 1000 words

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On 10/3/2020 at 8:22 AM, fyrefly said:

A right wing for the Yukon Rush, Zouzouambe has surprisingly low TPE levels for a player with 18 goals and 46 points.

Zouzou actually plays for the Saskatoon Wild haha. Loved your article though ?

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