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Members who have played for a lot of teams


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Hi VHL. Today I would like to talk about a few members currently active/holding all our money in a Caribbean bank account who thanks to their longevity have played for a large chunk of the VHL's 16 franchises. This may not be a full list of the league's biggest whores but it's a few names that came to mind. Plus it was 456 words before I started writing this opening paragraph and that is very important when you have writer's block stretching back several months.


Green – 11 franchises @OrbitingDeath

Toronto (S31-S38, S63-S65) – 2 Cups

Cologne (S40-S44) – 1 Cup

Helsinki (S45-S46, S61) – 2 Cups

New York (S47) – 1 Cup

Riga (S49-S52) – 1 Cup

Seattle (S53, S57-S60) – 1 Cup

Stockholm (S54-S55) – 0 Cups

Quebec (S56, S59) – 1 Cup

Davos (S55-S56, S60-S62) – 1 Cup

Calgary (S62) – 1 Cup

Malmo (S68-present) – 0 Cups


I think Green was the inspiration for this as I know he was proud of his cup-winning record with all of the “original” 10 teams, except Vasteras naturally. He does have some catching up to do as he has been on Malmo through the last few expansions. Also does anyone refer to him by his new username?


Victor – 9 franchises - hey, it's me

New York (S11-S15, S32-S33, S41-S42) – 3 Cups

Helsinki (S16, S45-S48) – 2 Cups

Calgary (S17-S19, S27-S31, S34) – 3 Cups

Toronto (S20-S23, S51-S52) – 1 Cup

Vasteras (S24) – 0 Cups

Davos (S35-S39) – 2 Cups

Quebec (S40, S49-S50) – 0 Cups

Riga (S61-S66) – 1 Cup

Moscow (S67-present) – 1 Cup


Having looked at Green I had to check how much better he was than me and was pleased to learn that not by much. We both couldn't win with Vasteras and I have featured for fewer teams but other than Quebec I don't have too many taints on the record.


Sterling – 7 franchises @sterling

Calgary (S1-S9) – 3 Cups

New York (S10-S14, S33-S34, S37-S42) – 3 Cups

Seattle (S15-S17, S46-S48, S53) – 1 Cup

Toronto (S19-S23, S28-S30, S52) – 2 Cups

Vasteras (S24-S26), Stockholm (S43-S44) – 1 Cup

Riga (S31-S32, S51) – 1 Cup

Quebec (S49-S50) – 0 Cups


Sterling was actually very loyal when he had players and is a terrible example for this Media Spot. Who's editing this thing? He only left Europe for a combined 8 seasons and like me couldn't solve the Quebec puzzle (but did win with Vasteras).


Fong – 10 franchises @tfong

Avangard (S6-S8), Davos (S18-S25, S28-S31, S49) – 5 Cups

Riga (S9-S10, S34) – 1 Cup

Vasteras (S11-S13) – 0 Cups

Helsinki (S14-S16, S32-S33, S61) – 1 Cup

New York (S36-S42, S45-S48) – 3 Cups

Cologne (S43, S50-S51) – 0 Cups

Seattle (S49, S52, S57-S58) – 0 Cups

Quebec (S54-S56, S60), Vancouver (S70, S72-S73) – 1 Cup

Toronto (S59, S63-S69) – 2 Cups

Malmo (S73-present) – 0 Cups


Resident old horny man Fong gets us back on track with double digits now that he's on Malmo and overall a very similar path to Green, but without having made a stop in Calgary to date. Overall, a very respectable record.


Smarch – 10 franchises @Smarch

Vasteras (S1, S12), Stockholm (S47-S49, S52-S55) – 1 Cup

Calgary (S2-S3, S8-S9, S21-S22, S50-S52) – 3 Cups

Hamilton (S6-S7), New York (S13-S14, S36-S42, S49, S69) – 3 Cups

Davos (S11, S28-S30, S55-S56, S59-S62) – 1 Cup

Seattle (S15-S17, S67-S69) – 2 Cups

Riga (S23, S57-S58, S63-S64) – 3 Cups

Toronto (S24-S25, S33, S58) – 0 Cups

Cologne (S31-S33) – 0 Cups

Quebec (S45-S46, S57), Vancouver (S70) – 0 Cups

Los Angeles (S74-present) – 0 Cups


Smarch spent a lot of time with Sterling back in the day. He also used to be something of a championship guarantee but seems to have chosen to play for terrible franchises more recently, presumably seeking more of a challenge. This is however another solid list if you ignore any of the expansions since S65.


Beketov – 11 franchises @Beketov

Amstel (S1), Davos (S48-S49) – 0 Cups

Stockholm (S1-S2), Riga (S23) – 0 Cups

Calgary (S3, S44, S70-S73) – 2 Cups

Hamilton (S6), New York (S18-S19, S21-S22, S25-S28, S54-S55) – 0 Cups

Vasteras (S7-S8) – 0 Cups

Seattle (S9-S12, S15-S17, S22, S49-S53, S61-S65) – 2 Cups

Toronto (S29-S30, S43, S54-S59) – 1 Cup

Cologne (S33-S37, S45-S46) – 0 Cups

Helsinki (S39-S42, S46, S66-S67) – 2 Cups

Malmo (S68) – 0 Cups

Moscow (S74-present) – 0 Cups


Big news, Bek has tied Green according to this unofficial official list with his move to Moscow this season! His cup record is a bit more patchy though, which makes be a bit worried for Moscow now. I'm just going to focus on our hugely successful S46 with Helsinki instead. Anyway, Beketov has made the best start on the new expansion franchises but as they are growing exponentially there's a bit of catching up to do now.


Quik – 11 franchises @Quik

Vasteras (S1-S4), Stockholm (S57) – 1 Cup

Helsinki (S5-S8, S12-S16, S64-S71) – 3 Cups

Toronto (S8-S10, S27, S40-S41) – 1 Cup

New York (S17-S18, S67) – 0 Cups

Calgary (S19, S58, S61-S63, S73) – 2 Cups

Quebec (S33), Vancouver (S69) – 0 Cups

Davos (S35-S36, S72) – 1 Cup

Riga (S37, S70) – 0 Cups

Seattle (S38-S39, S59-S60, S71) – 1 Cup

Malmo (S71) – 0 Cups

Chicago (S73-present) – 0 Cups


I actually thought ACL TEAR's whoring would have made a big difference here, but he actually contributed just one new franchise to Quik's collection – Malmo. However, he has pulled into a joint lead thanks to being drafted to Chicago and thus starting his journey through the VHL's newest teams. Nothing else to add here really.


In conclusion, damn Beav and his expansions robbing so many prestigious members of having played for nearly 100% of the league's teams. Hope you enjoyed this Media Spot, if you feel I missed someone, please comment below and let me know! And as always, subscribe to this channel for more content just like this. Much love and good night!

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  • Commissioner

I knew I was at a lot but I’m surprised I’m tied for the most, at least according to this very unofficial ruling. Just Vancouver and then the last few rounds of new ones missing

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Another interesting article idea, it really doesn't shock me to see Quik and Bek among the highest on the list given the old school franchises. Green either, he's done a tour of some of the best franchises and won cups with the majority of them. And back on another tear too. That said, I think I'm also at ten? 


Malmo (Nygren)

Seattle (Nygren Pajari Sr Reinholdt)

LA (Nygren)

New York (Rift Sr, Pajari Sr Laich)

Toronto (Rift Jr, Reinholdt, probably Humbert too)

Riga (Pajari Sr Pajari Jr Reinholdt)

Cologne (Humbert, Laich)

Calgary (Rift Sr Rift Jr)

Quebec (Rift Sr)

DC (Rift Jr)


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